News / Updates — 24 August 2010

Passing though Bali in August 2010 are: Neerava and Garimo from Perth, Grahi also from Perth and Mitra from the UK

Bali is a favorite holiday spot for many, in particular Australians because it’s just a hop from their continent to this small island.

Neerava and Garimo

Among the most recent visitors from Oz were Neerava and Garimo from Western Australia. We have been close friends for more than 25 years and also lived together in Golders Green and Hampstead in London way back when.

Neerava is a lawyer in Perth; in his free time he loves to play the drums with friends at various occasions, and he is known as a brilliant drummer! Garimo discovered her passion to paint a few years ago – meanwhile she had several successful painting exhibitions in the Perth area. Her paintings are a unique expression of her vision. This year we spent time together at a beautiful resort in the North of Bali where we snorkeled and enjoyed viewing the beautiful coral and abundant sea life.

GrahiGrahi from Perth also dropped in on one of his frequent visits. He is the author of several self-help books that were published in Australia and more recently, after a few years of intense research, he published the book ‘Grow Youthful’ (as David Niven Miller) which is the result of finding out how to slow down the aging process, mainly by means of a sensible food intake. The book is fascinating to read and I also became a fan of his newsletter, which always tackles an interesting subject about health and food.

You can sign up to the newsletter at:

He is already making plans for his next visit and is pondering to conduct health workshops too.


Last but not least also Mitra spent some time on the isle, mainly in his favorite town Ubud, the artistic center of Bali. You probably remember him as the creator of the great website of ‘Medina, ‘Where Are We Now?’!

Over tea and cake he told me all about the Natural Innovation Foundation that he founded and his commitment to provide help in various areas of need in Third World countries. Presently he is actively engaged in finding more investors, having to educate future donors on problem solving. He is already committed to introducing a German solar water pumping system in India, and helping find investors for low cost solar lights for Africa and India. He is headed for San Francisco shortly to motivate more conscientious people to donate and to meet people doing similar work for the planet. He is planning to be there for three months so maybe you get a chance to meeting up with him if you live in California.

skype: mitra_earth