Osho: The Luminous Rebel – Story of a Maverick Mystic

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An immensely readable and impeccably researched biography by Satya Vedant with well-placed Osho quotes expanding the narrative.

Mahli Woman, Orissa, IndiaWhen I was at Osho Galleria in Delhi recently, I came across the book ‘Osho The Luminous Rebel’, written by Satya Vedant. Already the cover photo was stirring and I immediately bought a copy!

This is an immensely readable and impeccably researched biography with well-placed Osho quotes expanding the narrative. A treasure grove of information is made available about the Early Years of Osho’s work and many other past events that might have been forgotten during the last two decades.

I particularly enjoyed Vedant’s relaxed style of writing, an affectionate flow of the sequence of events from Osho’s birth to his leaving the planet. As a post script, there is a hitherto not widely known  discourse by Osho, given on December 23, 1967 in Lonavla. It is stunning to read and shows how early on Osho spoke about the state of humanity and how he envisions his work to spread:

“…no matter how much I may wish to, I cannot bring my words to all the people who are in need of them. And many people have a tremendous need of them. The whole country, the whole earth is extremely thirsty and in distress…

…We have to spread the message, but it is absolutely necessary to take care that a cult is not created. So it is a question of making the dissemination possible without propagandizing, without becoming a cult, or an organization; so that the necessary transmission, the vital message reaches a maximum number of people.”

Bhagawati, Osho News

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Satya VedantSatya Vedant (Dr Vasant Joshi) was appointed by Osho as Chancellor of Rajneesh International Meditation University, now known as Osho Multiversity. He lives at Osho Nisarga near Dharamsala and travels widely to hold meditation workshops around the world. He is presently in the USA, conducting ‘An Osho Meditation Experience’. List of Satya Vendant’s articles published on Osho News.

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