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Next Steps for the New Humanity – an essay by Kabir about the change of the Ages

Next Steps for the New Humanity

One of my most moving moments with Osho was a discourse where he spoke of the New Humanity, the New Woman and New Man. This was a culmination moment where his words and my knowledge of astrology came together in a lightening flash of insight. I felt like I understood – the great struggles in the world today, where humanity is going, and personally, why I had always been so different and didn’t fit with the world the way it was.

As an astrologer I knew about the change of the Ages and that the incoming Aquarian Age was bringing great shifts to the Earth. In that moment I understood that I, like so many of us, are attuned to a whole new dimension of energies. These energies already exist as new ways of thinking and feeling, new values and insights. It’s not that we have to find the New, it is already there in the higher dimensions of our consciousness; we just have to open to it.

When an Age changes we come under the influence of new frequencies. Different parts in us are stimulated; new archetypes emerge; new ideals and ways of life take shape. Ultimately a new Age brings a different kind of human being and creates a new civilization.

This really took off in the 60’s and has since been increasing with great rapidity. We all know how in these short few years there has been a revolution in every area – freedom in lifestyles, expansions of the mind, new technologies and global awareness, as well as a new religious spirit as seen in the new methods of growth emerging everywhere.

For me the New took form in a new astrology, and there emerged Experiential Astrology and the Astrology of the Chakras. With Osho’s blessings I had space in the ashram to pioneer a dynamic form of astrology where your chart is laid out on the floor and you stand in it and the energies come alive. This revealed how celestial energies unfold through the human energy field and chakras.

Simplistically said, the chakras are like satellite dishes, each chakra tuned to particular planets and signs. For example, the crown chakra picks up the higher thought and feeling energies that come from Pisces and Neptune, what we commonly call ‘spiritual’. As our crown develops we access these energies more and they play a greater part in our life.

Astrological Transits 2011
Neptune enters Pisces (1st time in 165 years)
Uranus enters Aries (1st time in 84 years)

Astrological Transits 2011
Astrological Transits 2011 Neptune enters Pisces (1st time in 165 years) Uranus enters Aries (1st time in 84 years)

Neptune in Pisces
This year we get a boost in the emergence of the New as Neptune enters Pisces on April 5th, where it then remains for the next 14 years. This is a once in a lifetime transit as it was last in Pisces 165 years ago.

Each planet is strongest in a particular sign and Neptune’s influence is strongest when passing through Pisces. The first few weeks of April, when it enters Pisces, is a seeding moment, a special time when the energies first become available and the new phase begins.

What does this moment mean for us? The key is in the significance of the crown chakra. Through the crown, or seventh chakra, we open to a higher dimension of our self, what we commonly call spiritual or the soul*, where we realize that we are a much bigger being that we normally know our self to be, a vast being of energy, love and consciousness.

(* Whether we call it the soul, higher consciousness, the Buddha Within or by some other name, it is that expanded state we sometimes touch in meditation where we know we are Something More.)

Through daily life however we forget that we are this being and we get caught into our personality – the ego, mind, instincts and programming that we normally think of as our self.

From an energy perspective, advancing on the Path is the building of a bridge between the personality and the soul via the crown chakra. In daily life we are normally cut off from our higher consciousness and live in the noise of the personality. Through the bridge we reconnect to our soul. Soul consciousness becomes more present. What before were only brief moments of touching the higher become more and more regular and powerful. Eventually the bridge is built to the point where we continually live in that expanded state.

My understanding is that Neptune entering Pisces will stimulate the building of this bridge at a level we’ve never known before.

This will occur in three ways. The first is that our energy sensitivity will increase dramatically. ‘Listening Up’ – the ability to tune to the higher frequency energies of the soul and inner world, and practices that open this sensitivity such as meditation, energy work and the various forms of psychic and subtle sense perception will come to be of greater importance in our lives.

Second, the division between the mind versus the intuition will become clearer as we learn to listen to this sixth sense. Meditators will more clearly be able to distinguish the difference between the lower and higher mind – the mind of practical logic, and the mind of ‘insight’ that reveals the hidden side of things.

Third, there are three aspects of the crown chakra, or three ‘tiers’ of its petals – petals of intelligence, love and power. Neptune particularly stimulates the love petals of the crown, activating compassion, empathy and altruism. It makes us more willing to put others first as we respond to their needs and well-being.

On a personal level we are more sensitive to feeling the struggles of those with whom we relate. On the collective level it opens our awareness to what in German is called weltschmerz, or world pain. When somewhere in the world there is pain, it becomes our pain too. We will more than ever be aware of the energy matrix that weaves us all together.

This theme of becoming more empathically aware will bring some significant challenges. The lower octave of Neptune stimulates our emotions and our tendency for drama and being caught in illusions. We can easily be caught in over sentimentalism, a ‘bleeding heart’ and the tendency to ‘make a mountain out of a mole hill’.

This transit will probably stimulate great tides in the ‘ocean of collective thought and emotion’ that we continually swim in. Crowd mentality, when we lose our self in group emotions and identification, can easily take us over. Expect there to be a significant increase in causes, catastrophes, ‘isms’ and other dramas that can easily sweep us out of our center.

Key to this process is learning healthy boundaries. Pisces is referred to as the ‘Great Dissolver’, as it dissolves personal boundaries and merges us with something greater. On the higher level this is beautiful, expanding us beyond ego, and bringing a feeling of oneness where we recognize our unity with life. But on the other side, this merging ability may challenge us to hold our boundaries with people. Increased energy sensitivity and responsiveness to the emotions around us can easily catch us in the ‘stuff’ of others. I suspect the ability to hold center, anchor in the watcher and higher soul consciousness, and rise above emotion, will get plenty of training!

Uranus in Aries
There is a second astrological event occurring around this same time that also has great significance for us. Uranus enters Aries on March 13th, where it remains for the next 7 years. It was last in Aries 84 years ago, so again, this is a once in a lifetime transit for most of us.

Uranus operates via the sixth chakra (the third eye), and is connected to the qualities of insight, inspiration and progressive thought. The third eye, due to its correspondence with the Aquarian energies, is one of the most active chakras for the New Humanity. It is opening a broad spectrum of new understandings including global perspectives, holistic thought, energy awareness, the capacity for introspection, scientific thinking and new visions and possibilities.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is associated with springtime. It speaks to the emergence of the new, with a bursting forth of life energy. It operates through the base chakra as the raw fires of life, and via the third chakra as powerful enthusiasm and will. Uranus in Aries suggests powerful new vision that calls us to manifest. It’s as if new life and ideas that have been developing underground within our subconscious suddenly burst forth. Like a seed emerging through rocky ground, expect to have to break free from those constraints in your life, both within yourself and outside, that limit your flow as you seek to manifest the new.

This has several implications. The first is as if in our higher consciousness we already hold a blueprint for the New Humanity and the many forms of the new that this will take. Aspects of this blueprint that are particularly relevant to us are emerging as inspiration, ideals, direction and purpose. It is like we already know something of how the world can be – a better way, a new possibility – and we are called from our soul to bring this into manifestation.

This Uranus transit is the other side of Neptune in Pisces. Where Neptune brings inspiration and purpose through connecting to the higher, Uranus in Aries challenges us to live this and bring it down. We need to dynamically be the New Man and Woman.

Uranus is a call to action – now – not tomorrow, not next year, now. It is a moment of emergence, to make our contribution towards creating a new world by planting seeds now that we will grow and nurture for years to come. If you get an inspiration or an idea, big or small, bring it down and into action. Don’t let it only stay a dream; take even the first small steps to manifest it.

In many cases, the new will bring us into conflict with the old. Expect this transit to bring friction as the new and the old collide. Whenever the new surges forth the old tries to retain that which has been. This occurs in both the outer world where existing structures – organizations, systems, etc. try to keep things the way they’ve been, and it happens within ourselves as our own old patterns try and hold us back.

We are challenged to jump and to take a ‘leap of faith’ into the new and unknown, whilst our patterns, fears and control want to hold us back. The message of Uranus in Aries is to have courage, stretch our selves, trust, and be total. In simple words, ‘Go For It!’ – go for the new in you.

Neptune in Pisces stimulates our connection to our soul and to the higher consciousness that is our essential nature. Uranus supports us to manifest this consciousness and live it in our daily life. The message of these transits is: BE the New Woman and Man and play your part in building a new civilization and a New Humanity.

Kabir and Ritama
Kabir and Ritama

Kabir is widely known for his pioneering work with energy, the chakras and astrology. He is a psychologist and a transformational seminar leader, and with his partner Ritama leads “Essence Training” an inner work school, in Frankfurt, Germany. They are the authors of Indigo Adults and live in the Caribbean where they have the Esencia Retreat and Energy Training Center.

Astrological Transits 2011

Neptune enters Pisces (1st time in 165 years)

Uranus enters Aries (1st time in 84 years)

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