Love at Dancing Leaves

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A Tantra Memoir by Madhuri (aka M. K. MacCrae)

Love at Dancing Leaves by Madhuri‘Love at Dancing Leaves’ is our beautiful Madhuri’s new book about her life with her beloved in the American south. A tantra memoir, juicy and sensual, this book is so beautifully written you won’t be able to put it down.

Madhuri is exploring tantra with the most unlikely of partners, a southern man raised in the Bible belt of America. For you non-Americans, this is the most rigid, stuck, blind, Christian, and intolerant area of the country. With humor and love she documents her inner journey, baring her soul through the ups and downs of a relationship and everyday life – bringing it all home to herself again and again. Using her rather phenomenal psychic gifts to explore her own interiority, Madhuri’s life is her mirror.

Fun and funny, with lots of tantra insights and techniques and wonderful recipes to boot, ‘Love At Dancing Leaves’ is definitely a seeker’s guide to finding the mystery within ordinary everyday life.

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MadhuriThere is hardly a time I can imagine when I was in the commune and Madhuri was not there. Right after Osho left his body she ran an intriguing Palm Reading Workshop, the first of its kind with all the paraphernalia that were later the hallmark of the Mystery School. All those visual impressions worked in the background while we were learning. Later her creativity unfolded into jewelry, into poetry and now into a book. You can download some excerpts from here: and buy it from

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