Anand Paramo


Anand Paramo (Marco Chiara) died 1st May 2011 in Milan, Italy

Paramo - Marco Chiara

From Anandyogi we hear that Paramo (Marco Chiara) died May 1, 2011 in Milan, Italy following a cerebral hemorrhage.

Paramo took sannyas in 1978. He was well known in Pune 1 and at the Ranch, and a visitor to Pune afterwards, both before and after Osho’s passing. In 1980, he demonstrated the attitude that pissed off several department heads, when he asked Osho, “Do you get your own jokes?” To which Osho replied, “I’m not as thrunk as you dink!”

He was a classic ‘anand’ type: intellectual, probing, never satisfied with another’s answers. In his later years, he sought to learn from other teachers, notably Ramesh Balsekar, with whom he formed a special connection before Ramesh’s death.

He was my father, and the reason I went to Pune in 1980. He was a zorba, though not, I think, a realized buddha. I held his hand as he transitioned. It was very gentle.

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