A delicious and quickly prepared dessert from heaven via Sarjano

Ravine leading us to Triacastela

This is a filling or dessert in a bowl that has many lovers (for grownups, with the usual drop of liqueur on the sly!) in Italy. It is only egg yolk and sugar (1 heaped tbsp per yolk), blended until creamy. During my childhood mothers of weak children would make large cups of zabaione every morning for their children.

This by the way is the base for the famous tiramisu.


makes 15 crêpes or fills as many small bowls as you wish

4 egg yolks
4 heaped tbsp sugar

variations (add)

  • strong Italian coffee
  • pâte glacé chestnuts
  • a sprinkling of crumbled, roasted almonds, cashew nuts or walnuts

Of course you can flavour your zabaione with your favourite taste. I love the aroma of strong coffee, but zabaione with cream-de-marrons (pâté of glaced chestnuts) is my ecstasy.

An additional topping for all kinds of sweet crêpes is crumbled roasted almonds, cashew nuts or walnuts sprinkled over them.

From the book ‘Food is Home’ by Sarjano

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