Osho’s Mantra: Life, Love, Laughter


Imagine If All Government Offices Displayed Osho’s Mantra: Live, Love, Laughter

If all government offices displayed Osho’s famous mantra, ‘Life, Love, Laughter’, imagine the sea of change in attitude of all public servants and the people who come to deal with them. Just reading the mantra you will break into a smile, your entire mood will change. You will address the babus differently and get an unexpected friendly response. Even if the formal government offices with their ‘heavy’ atmosphere did not display the mantra, it can still change the atmosphere and vibrations if it hangs just in one office!

Live Love Laugh Light

The above calligraphy of mine was shown during the Guru Purnima celebrations in New Delhi, where more were displayed and offered on sale. I know that just a few words of Osho can penetrate the heart at a receptive moment and transform a person’s entire life. This happened at the opening of the exhibition. As a demonstration I wrote the quote ‘What is needed is happening’ and one of the guests came up and said to me that this quotation made a profound impact on him, especially during the current phase of his life. He had goosebumps while he saw the words taking form on the blank paper in front of him. These words, for him, summed up the entire meaning of life and how to cope with the daily challenges, he told me.

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