Meditation For All


Public meditation event at Trafalgar Square in London

Trafalgar Square – anybody who ever visited London will have been to see that landmark and just a few weeks ago, this very busy place in the center of London was witness to an unusual event – people from all walks of life came to sit down and meditate under the unseeing eyes of Nelson.

The event was organized by the Wake Up London Sangha and in this short video that Mega alerted us to, you can see the serene transformation in the faces of the hundreds of meditators shown. This is one event of many that are happening – often also quite spontaneous – worldwide.  More and more people realize that through meditation they can make positive changes in their lives, become more conscious, sleep better, are calmer and ultimately so much more joyful.

You go folks – meditate!

You must take meditation as a game, a child’s game. People who meditate should be playful – playing with existence, playing with life – weightless, non-tense; not in a doing mood but in a relaxed mood. It is only in a relaxed moment, only in a playful moment, that the happening is possible.”

Osho, The Great Challenge, Ch 1, Q 1

News just came in that there will be a Meditation Flash Mob in Munich on October 1 before the ‘International Reunion of the Osho Tribe and Friends‘ takes off. The meeting is being organised by Mega and we shall report more about this. Stay tuned.

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