MedMob: Meditation Flashmobs


We are collecting here photographs of this month’s meditation flashmobs

After publishing our article with a video on the Meditation Flashmob in Trafalgar Square we are receiving photos of more happenings:


Milano Arco della Pace 28th July 2011

Milano Arco della Pace 28th July 2011

Paola: It was such a blissfull experience. I felt I was in Pune in the Buddha Groove… Yahoo!

Med Mob Bali

Bali, Dyanapura Beach, 31st July 2011

Olga: It was the longest time I ever meditated in one sitting! Pretty cool, especially at sunset and with other like-minded people around.

London, Trafalgar Square, 9th August

Anupam: Riots are still happening in England, but in the meantime there’s a peaceful meditation gathering happening tonight in Trafalgar Square from 5pm-7pm. As the old order falls apart, there seem to be two waves happening… one of chaos and violence, and the other of centeredness and love. Which wave are you in?

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