Archan: The Hands of Zen

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Archan Sukhita from Holland shows off her paintings in a video slide show

Insights from living with colours

An open door: sharing is far easier with forms and colours, compared to sharing with words.

After a colour dynamic, black and white can be a relief, seen as temporal states of mind.

To modulate colour is an art and medicine.

A painting can be a joy for ever.

Characters can be seen in the work.

Art, Religion and Science, that is the trinity Osho dreamt of.

Painting is a very physical happening.

A painting is a living story.

Art can move walls.

Archan Sukhita
Archan Sukhita

Archan Sukhita grew up in Holland into a calvinistic family, got married young and soon had 4 kids. She studied religions, arts, anthroposophy, archeology, education and languages. Her marriage ended in divorce after 17 years in 1985, the same year she discovered Osho. In 1987 she travelled through Europe in a Volkswagen van, painting and singing. In 1989 she took part in an oil painting workshop in Pune with Ninad. Archan is still painting, now in acrylics on MDF panels. – Read her profile here…

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