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Tao shares her favorite things to do, besides being a minister

I volunteered my services to do intuitive tarot readings for an event for women of West Hawaii put on by Kona Hospital. Before setting out I felt fatigued with nervous system exhaustion because of a big move I’m making, so I lay down for half an hour to muster my forces and then set out somewhat refreshed, enough to now look forward to the evening.

After doing readings for nearly 4 hours straight with one ten-minute break for a line of women that was out the door, I had more energy, was completely revitalized and my soul and spirit refilled and cranked up to full and overflowing.

Tarot Readings… also for teenagers

I arrived early at the beautiful Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort where the event was being held, set up, and even before the doors officially opened to the public, I had people asking for readings.

Thoth deck - The Star

At first I deferred to the fact that the event had not yet started but then said, ”What the heck, I’m ready, let’s go.” I tuned in for a multitude of women until 9:15 pm when I finally stopped and had to let the rest of the line go. The event had pretty much finished half an hour earlier and we were by then, the only ones still there. I felt a little badly for the women who had been waiting and would have to leave unread, but I simply ran out of steam. They understood that and I gave them each a business card and invited them to come see me and get some extra time for their patience.

It’s such a time we’re in! Mostly everybody who showed up last night was in an I don’t know state in some area of their lives and many in every area. I was so happy to be there and of help. I can’t express that enough, especially as I had the opportunities to read for a few teenagers who decided to give this a try and I was able to really talk to them. I could see them walking around looking, wanting so much to come and sit down. I could feel their spirit bodies drawing them to the table and their hesitation, going away and then swinging by again. So I was thrilled that they took the risk. In fact I would love to work more with teens, especially teenage girls, 11-15 years old. There is so much going on within them at this age, in addition to being alive in this particularly hot button time, and they need good, sound wisdom and strong, loving support.

One young girl asked what her life would be like in the future and she picked the beautiful and subtle Star card. I use the Thoth Deck by the way. I asked her to pick a card for where she is now and when she did, I could see/feel the whole story.

It was thrilling to really connect with her, reach her where she is struggling right now emotionally and give her some acceptance tips. And to let her know how her present experiences and how she is dealing with them are the fuel to creating that amazing, strong, surrendered, beautiful, successful woman who we just read in the first card. I was over the moon, feeling that I had given her something she can really take away and use.
I remember myself at that age fraught with so much mixed feeling, so many desires, conflicting emotions, judgments, and fears about them and trying every which way to manage it all. I wish I had had someone whom I felt empathized with me, cared and viscerally understood, to give me some really good advice and support, and show me how to accept and love myself with it all. This evening was worth everything and every moment was bliss to be alive.

House and Land Blessing

Now moving on to another favorite work. Last Saturday I performed a house and land blessing at a most glorious property with a beautiful home on it. A large property with a myriad of different kinds of trees, some rare flowering trees I had not seen before, palms of course, fruit trees, avocados, a meandering three-point grassy area and some sensational water features (not yet activated). As well as enjoying this tremendous beauty, it was an extraordinary experience for me. I decided that this blessing today would be done differently. Normally it would consist of clearing the past still lingering, in this case the disappointment, abandonment, frustration etc. that this home and property held energetically. What I would do instead today, is simply love everything I see and feel there.

So I took my time, slowly went around the property first pouring my love into everything – each blade of grass, the bushes, the plentiful variety of trees, the flowers, rocks, all living things. To begin with just to be there was intoxicating, surrounded and fed by this incredibly beautiful, serene nature. As I acknowledged everyone, loving and appreciating them, including the two dogs who lived there and who came down to be close by, intrigued by what was happening, it brought so much bliss. And they all started talking to me; the rocks, the trees, the land itself, the dogs, the plot of land still waiting to be landscaped….

Ti leaves

Then I went into the house, into each room and in some rooms left the special Ti leaf that I used infused with this love energy. The Ti leaf is used in Hawaiian ceremonies and rituals. It is an important ingredient and brings an energy with it. You see Ti leaves underneath food platters at luaus and local family celebrations. For Blessing ceremonies the Ti leaf is picked from the center of the plant and has a different energy than the other parts of the plant; it will have a new unopened shoot with it bringing new birth. You can visibly see the gentle, delicate vibrating of this leaf simply as it stands alone.

As I completed the clearing in the home, I met up with the residents back outside and we chose the spot for the ceremony. Once in the circle, I shared with them my bliss and yes, ecstasy in having been with the natural energies on their property and I shared what the trees and all the elements said to me, including the energies in the house. They all had messages to deliver to the four people, who gratefully received them making the whole event even more. All of this was spontaneous and not part of the script I had prepared days before, tuning in to what wanted to be said.

One area of the property had been left undone, sticking out quite visibly in one corner of the lot and when I focused on it during my walk around, it began pouring its heart out to me saying,

We’re ready to give and give and give and all we want to do is to give. We have so much and all we ask is for some attention given to us, to be planted, to have our soil tilled so we can be released and we will give everything we have. We are bursting wanting to give, and we have been waiting.”

They said they are ready and want so much to give to the people who live there. It was said so strongly, so powerfully, with so much feeling. I never realized how much emotion is there in our nature. So I tell you, this Blessing was for me a whole new experience. I was so thankful to be the messenger between the land and the four people who had purchased it. During the formal blessing when each person adds his words to the ceremony I heard that they had already been talking about how they are going to develop that corner piece of land and what they are going to plant on it. So the energy is ripe at both ends.

Prem Tao has been living on Hawaii for 26 years. Existence catapulted her into the psychological and spiritual depths of life, yet honoring her early dream to be a professional French Horn player, she regularly plays in an orchestra. She enjoys writing, teaching and performing, sharing the amazing twists and turns, the humor, pathos, triumphs, magic and awakenings of life these past six decades. www.weddingsalaheart.com

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