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This is one of those kinds of classic stories of how people come to Osho

“At the end of 2002 I went to Central America with some friends and camped on the beach near the holy Maya site of Tullum. I was dozing on a ‘chicken bus’ en route to a local village when it went over a bump – suddenly I had an image of Osho pointing at me saying, ‘Wake up!’ The image continued to appear as the bus went over more bumps and roused me from my slumbers. On my return to Edinburgh, I took sannyas, left my job and went to Poona.”

This was Jivan Kavyo’s answer to my questions about how, when and where he took sannyas!

Jivan Kavyo – neuroscientist, Reiki Master, web developer, Aum leader, psychic palm reader, IT nerd, guitar player (all-in-one) – in his home in Edinburgh.

His is one of those kinds of classic stories of how people come to Osho. First there are all the ambitions and expectations of a young person starting out on life – then comes the disillusionment and the search for truth. Born in Perthshire Jivan arrived in Edinburgh 11 years ago to study Psychology at Edinburgh University but, quickly losing interest in the coldly academic approach to the human mind, he switched to the study of Neuroscience.

Nearing the end of these studies, again feeling something was missing, he heard of a Reiki course being offered by Punya. He loved the Reiki but towards the end of the course, something happened which set him on his present path. While Punya was giving a concluding talk he became transfixed with a photograph of a man on the wall behind her head. ‘It was the eyes…’ (How often have we all heard that?)

He immediately started doing Osho’s meditations, reading his books and watching the videos. While getting deeper and deeper into meditation, he finished his first degree, changed to studying Information Technology and became a Database Systems manager. He also took over the running of the meditations in Edinburgh when Punya and Amiten went to Poona. But he avoided taking sannyas, he said, because although he was in love with Osho he felt didn’t need a Master, especially one that was dead!

Then came the journey to South America – and, as we have seen, the sannyas one followed soon after. I laughed at his description of his initial experiences in Poona. He said he was expecting everyone to be angels but instead found all kinds of egos fighting over whatever petty crumbs they could gather. Slowly he realised that all this was simply a mirror to his own ego, pettiness and whatever else was inside him – eventually he surrendered to the Buddhafield energy and his days became an ongoing blissful experience.

Just to let this newfound awareness grow when he returned to the west, Jivan Kavyo took an undemanding job as a Chinese delivery person, which had the added attraction of not pumping up his ego! In 2006 he went to the Humaniversity in Holland to do the Aum Leader Training and in 2009 he founded Awakening Scotland which is now called Awaken Love – School of Embodied Awareness. This school brings together more than 15 years of training in Neuroscience, Biodanza, Bodywork, Humaniversity Therapy and Osho Active Meditations – as well as his personal experiences in the worlds of Sufi, Zen, Advita and Tantra.

This, along with playing music and DJ-ing, are his main passions, while his web design company – Enlightened Designs – is helping to pay the bills.

Since Osho the only ‘dis-illusionment’ has been simply dropping the ‘illusions’ created by the ego…

Text by Veena

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