As I have been busy I could not reply sooner

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (12)

My respects to you.

All your letters arrived in good time
but as I have been busy I could not reply sooner.
I have been out most of the time
and I have just returned after speaking in Jaipur,
Burhanpur, Hoshangabad, Chanda
and other places.


How thirsty people are for spiritual life!
Seeing this
I am surprised that some people say
man has lost all interest in religion.
This can never be.
No interest in religion means no interest in life,
bliss, the ultimate.
Consciousness is by nature God-oriented
and it can only be satisfied by attaining God –
the state of satchitananda, the
truth-awareness-bliss state of being.

Hidden within one in the form of a seed
is the very source of religious birth,
therefore whilst religions may come and go
religion can never die.

I am glad to know that you feel patient about your
progress towards How thirsty people are for spiritual life!

Patience is the most important thing of all
in spiritual life.
How long one must wait after sowing the seed!
At first all the effort seems wasted,
nothing seems to happen, and then one day
the waiting ends and there is actuality –
the seed breaks, pushes through the earth – into a plant!
But remember
that even when nothing seemed to be happening
the seed was working away under the soil.

It is the same with the seeker for truth –
when nothing appears to be happening
much is happening.
The fact is that all growth of life-energy
is unseen and unknown.
Only the results can be observed not the progress.

I am in bliss.
I want you to come closer to God.
Forget about results, just keep going on your path;
let the fruits come by themselves.
One day one wonders: What has happened!
What was I!
What have I become!
Compared to the results
all the effort seems negligible.

My love to all.

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