Revisiting Pune and on to Spiti Valley

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Veet returns to an enjoyable stay at the Resort and then moves on with an Enfield to Spiti Valley

This June I started my Indian trip by staying in Pune for two weeks.  After a seven year absence from India much had changed in Pune and the beloved Riverside apartment I used to stay in seemed quite run-down but even so I felt completely at home. I had always loved India but had been thinking after a seven year break I might not like it anymore. I had been wrong, I was instantly in love again.

I remember from the past every time I walked down the road of the Osho Resort I would shed tears of joy; this time I didn’t feel that; I just felt very nervous. This nervousness ceased as soon as I hit the Welcome Centre. The very young Mexican lady at the welcome desk had only been at the resort for a few months and on finding out I hadn’t been there for seven years treated me like I was someone special. The respect she showed for me was beautiful. After processing the aids test, etc (same guy taking the test who was there seven years ago) the lady at the desk told me she was sorry to let me know that the meditation auditorium was closed for painting so the evening meeting would be held in Chuang Tzu. After asking her where that location was (I didn’t know it was the new name for the Samadhi) I jumped up and down with elation.

Many things had changed in the resort and there was lots of construction going on but essentially it was as beautiful as ever for me; I had the best two weeks I’ve had in a long time. It was an exceptionally quiet time and there were very few people I knew there. This enabled me to stay in the resort like I had never done previously. I was free from the distraction of socialising that I so much used to love there, and free from doing groups – the only thing for me to do was meditate. A miracle happened – I finally got the meditation retreat I had been longing for and the evening meeting in Samadhi (oops, Chuang Tzu) was incredible, what an utter treat – I have never been so present during Osho’s recorded discourses.

Road to Spiti
Same road with a view into the deep
Veet, Makrand and the Enfield
Parinito, Thirak and Veet
Majestic Himalayas
Spiti landscape

I was sad to move on from the resort and will most definitely visit again next year in June. The remaining six weeks of my stay were spent in the Himalayas. My partner, Makrand, had bought a beautiful Enfield Classic 500 in Delhi and we rode it from Delhi to the magical village of Khaknal. When we arrived in Khaknal, Himalya and Thirak, friends from Australia were already there and a week later Mahant, Parinito, Melonie and Gagan – also from Australia – joined us.

As this was my first time in the Himalayas those ten days in Khaknal were spent in awe just absorbing the astonishing scenery and energy. The rest of my holiday was spent on the back of the Enfield enjoying the majestic Spiti circuit, and I had the time of my life! It was not so easy for my partner though, as he had to concentrate on the incredibly rough roads. Sometimes I felt a little guilty for having such a magical time while he was working so hard getting us safely to our next destination, but the guilt didn’t last for long as I was utterly and truly in love with India and in awe of its beauty and hardship all at the same time.

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