From the Web: Global Awareness — 28 November 2011

Sunspot activity coming to a peak and Osho’s insight into this phenomenon

As reported by National Geographic recently, the sun is currently approaching what’s known as solar maximum, the peak of our star’s roughly 11-year cycle of magnetic activity. The largest active region seen on the Sun since 2005 has rotated to the center of the sun’s face, as seen from Earth – any eruptions it produces will be aimed right at us.

Dubbed Active Region 1339, the cluster of magnetic activity was first spotted by satellites as it started making its way around the sun’s northwestern edge. The monster spot came into view of Earth-bound telescopes a couple of weeks ago.

Astronomers soon realized this is not your average sunspot – it’s a giant cluster of sunspots, several of which are larger than our entire planet. If aimed toward Earth, this outpouring of energy can interact with our magnetosphere, infusing molecules in the atmosphere with extra energy that then gets released as light, producing aurorae.

Solar Flares on Sun

Osho says already in 1971 in a discourse given in Woodlands,

“For ten years now, scientists have been saying something new – that every organism possesses an internal sense organ which feels the outside world. Perhaps man too possesses it, but has lost it through depending on his intellect. Man is the only living being in the world who has, through intelligence, lost many things which he once had. Through the same creative intelligence he has also gained many things he did not have, but at a great loss. What he had he has lost, what he did not have he has invented. But even miniature organisms possess an inner source of feeling. And now scientific data is becoming available which proves that such an inner source exists. This discovery of an inner source makes us aware that nothing alive on this earth is isolated or separate. Everything is joined to the cosmos. If anything happens anywhere its results will begin to be felt here.

…Present-day physicians are also arriving at the conclusion that when spots emerge and grow on the sun, illness on the earth increases, and that when sunspots decrease, illness on the earth also decreases. We will never get rid of disease on earth while sunspots last. Every eleven years there is great turmoil on the sun and huge explosions take place. When explosions and turmoil occur on the sun, at that time wars and disturbances occur on earth. The wars that take place on earth follow a ten-year sequence. Epidemics also follow a ten or eleven-year sequence. Revolutions also follow approximately a ten or eleven-year sequence.”

Osho, Hidden Mysteries, Ch 5