Swiss Ramapala


Paint Shop master Ramapala died in September 2011

We hear, with some delay, from Mega via Arpana, that Swiss Ramapala died last September. Many of us will remember him as the coordinator of the Painting Studio at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, a post he held for many years. Despite the fact that he stopped painting there he remained in Pune and lived in a beautiful flat, together with Aja and her daughter.

Arpana says: “I got the message from Arpanto two weeks ago when we both were in Pune. Arpanto has called the daughter of Aja, who broke the news. Arpanto and I wanted to visit Ramapala again as we did three years before. At that time already he was a bit weak. He had had an accident which took long time to heal. It seems he just died out of old age.”



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Beloved Ramapala, we are so lucky to have a painting of yours of Basho. It hangs in our meditation space. Much love on the journey.
Yoga Shanti

I remember the sweetness and extreme gentleness of Ramapala. He was always available and very supportive. Love,
Dhyan Elena

Just read about the Swiss Ramapala’s passing away. He was a very good friend to me. So helpful, so kind. I used to visit him almost everyday in the creative arts centre in the commune. When I held my show at the Van Gogh studio, he brought me lunch every day so that I wouldn’t leave the show and go out. He was innocent, naive as a child. Too honest to hold against a deceitful world. He got cheated, robbed wherever he went. On the train in Sri Lanka, on the beaches in Thailand, in a restuarant in Germany. You name it. I hope his transition was not painful. Hope he did not suffer too much. He was accident prone and nursed a broken leg for many months.
I send him my love and hope he is happy wherever he is.

Oh yes, dear Ramapala, I remember you from your work in Poona… farewell, dear one…

Ramapala was one of my best-beloved friends in Poona many years ago. I enjoyed, during the monsoon season, painting with him in the small painting studio, laughing, sharing. And in those days of my life he was a guide and spring of wisdom and warm presence. I loved so much his way to paint. Evviva my friend Ramapala!
Amrit Sundari

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