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Aurelio’s multi-media projections

Magic Flowers
The Way
In the sky
Constellation 2
Virtual projections
Crop circles
Crop circles
Cancellation of Pain
Cancellation of Pain
Live projections at Alonissos Museum, Greece, 2011
Live projections at Alonissos Museum, Greece

My multi-media-sensorial events consists of projecting hundreds of slides onto a landscape or architecture. The artwork, which can be a painting or a digitally animated artwork of mine is projected onto rocks, trees, or directly onto the ocean, creating a hugely fascinating and exciting scenery, where nature becomes a big screen.

The purpose of these performances is to transform what we normally can’t see into something visible and perceptible: the hidden beauty – strong but fragile – most often hidden by indifference and disfigurement. The viewers will thus be able to perceive that nature is actually much more interesting than what they thought.

These performances want to communicate and stimulate a different vision: a new way of looking at things by awakening all the functions of our senses and connecting them to the cerebral dynamics of learning. They can also become a revealing mirror that can stimulate primordial perception and ancestral awakening.

Human beings and nature are inseparable.

Some of the photos in our slideshow are photographs of live performances (like the ones from the installation ‘Signals’ for the Alonissos Museum in Greece), some are virtual projections and the final images are some of Aurelio’s digital artwork which he uses for the projections.


Prem Aurelio (Auro Proietti), is an eclectic artist and performer. He has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City and has taken part in various events in Italy and around the world. His jewellery is being sold in the the gift shops of the Guggenheim Museum in New York and in that of the Louvre in Paris; and some of his works are available through Christie’s. But many of us might know him as one of the black-robes of the Mystery School (Osho School of Mysticism) in Pune. Aurelio lives and works in Italy and is the Artistic Director of the Hara Holistic Arts Academy in Rome.

Update: Aurelio died on 11th January 2019

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