Pasta Strascicata with an Asian Touch


Sarjano’s recipe of pasta strascicata with an Asian touch

The other day, while uploading Sarjano’s recipe for Pasta Strascicata, I got so inspired by those simple instructions that I made a dash into the kitchen and opened the fridge to see what I could use to make that sauce. I love cooking with spontaneous energy and when I saw bok choi, shiitake mushrooms and chili, the dish began to take form; just looked for garlic cloves and set to work. As you can see from the photo, there were no conchiglie in the pantry but penne rigate did just as well.

So here goes the adapted Asian version:

Slice as much garlic as you like (Asian garlic seems less strong than Western and I use a lot of it).

While the garlic is roasting in a pan with oil (I use grapeseed oil that can handle higher temperatures), add some finely sliced chili, wash, dry and chop the bok choi into large chunks and add to the garlic. What looks like a huge amount of bok choi initially, is reduced to much less once sautéed.

Wash and dry the shiitake, and slice and fry in a second pan while the bok choi is still being sautéed in the other.

Meanwhile get some vegetarian soup stock ready (home-made frozen soup stock in the freezer in small quantities always comes in handy).

As soon as the bok choi is tender and done, add the shiitake, add salt and pepper, pour half a cup of soup stock in and stir well. As the soup stock starts evaporating, add a good dollop of cooking cream.

Cook the pasta and there you are! Buon appetito or selamat makan, as they say here.

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