Dhyan Anando


Dhyan Anando (aka Dhyana) left her body on 10th December 2011

Dhyan Anando, who called herself Dhyana during the last few years she had been living in Cologne, left her body on 10th December 2011. She was ill with cancer that had started years ago in the uterus. Since last summer she knew that the cancer cells had spread throughout the body. A Farewell Celebration in her honour was held on 17th December at the UTA Institute, where many of her friends came together to give her a send-off with dance and song.

Taruno informs us that there will be a Celebration in Freiburg on 6th March, during which her ashes will be buried under a tree, in a special place of a burial ground that Anando had found before she left her body. She loved the idea of leaving her ashes in Freiburg, her birth-place and a town where she stayed for some time in her life. The Celebration will be in a format she had also decided: sitting in silence, music and Osho’s words and singing of Osho songs. It will be held at Horizonte, Kunzenweg 5, Freiburg im Breisgau.

Tanmaya writes: “Anando (Dhyana) was well prepared to leave… inside and outside. She had prepared every little detail on the practical level from finding a hospice place for herself, arrangements with the undertakers, and a place for her urn to be buried in Freiburg, where she had lived for a long time. When I visited her for the last time at her house in Cologne she said, “I am ready to go and I wanted it to go quickly, but now I feel it is going so fast.” We cried and laughed together not knowing that in less than a week she would be gone. I spent the last two days with her in the hospice and other friends came to say their last “bye-byes”. We were four female friends who took turns in staying with her, day and night. She left in the afternoon on 10th December, on full moon (there was a moon eclipse). Anando left her body so beautifully. It felt like a feather in the air. There was such a depth and silence in the room. We sat a few hours together and slowly started whispering: “Well done Anando.” She had put something across for all of us. Thank you Anando!



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