You long for the peace I have within me

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (17)


Osho with Neelam

I have received your letter.
You long for the peace I have within me.
It is yours any time.
It is the deepest possibility in everyone, it only
has to be uncovered.
As springs of water lie hidden under layers of earth
so does bliss lie hidden within us.
The possibility is there for everyone
but only those who dig for it can redeem it.
The excavation of these hidden treasures
Lies through religion.
Digging with it one reaches the well of light within.

I have shown you how to dig and what with, but the
digging has to be done by you.
I know your soil is absolutely ready,
with very little effort the infinite streams can be reached.
This state of mind is attained
with the greatest good fortune
so don’t waste it or miss this opportunity.
Fill yourself with determination
and leave the rest to God.
Truth runs alongside will.

Don’t hesitate to write, I have lots of time for you.
I am for those who need me –
nothing in my life is for myself.

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