Insights Topic: Death — 25 March 2012

Natalie Sudman is an American archaeologist who signed up to manage construction contracts in Iraq, working mainly with the civilian army. Returning to base in a convoy of four trucks, the vehicle she was in ran into a roadside bomb; she was catapulted out of her body and found herself standing – still in her fatigues, dirty – on a kind of stage with thousands of white-robed beings surrounding her in what seemed a stadium-like setting.

She began downloading information to them from her human lifetime experiences, which she understood was something she had agreed to do before she came into this body, this incarnation. It was a transfer…”I knew exactly where I was, what I was doing; there was no hesitation, no doubt…I just did what I did!”

Asked what she felt emanating from these beings she said, ”The whole ambience was like complete and total acceptance, a ‘co-passion’, there was a shared passion of being, complete equality among everyone…there was no ego, no competition.”

She experienced all senses to be one; there was no separation, visual or physical. There was also no sound yet everything that was communicated was heard. She realized that every single human being’s work is important and valuable for creation, that everything matters: “All our lives are valuable.”

“Being here in the physical is a creative experience and we are creating while we are experiencing. My understanding is…you go to the spirit world or non-physical world – and ‘as above so below’ and ‘as here so between’, wherever that world is!”

Natalie says that it is hard to describe all those experiences yet is very adept in responding to the questions by Bob Olsen. When he asked if she had heard any sound and to describe that, she answered, “Yes I heard sounds; on that level for me there was no separation between feeling or visuals and sounds…. All of my senses were in a sense one sense. If I wanted to I could have looked at all those beings and instead of seeing those beings, I could have heard them; as a sound, as individual sounds; I could have tasted them, I could have just felt them. It seems like all you have to do is to choose that through intent. In my experience one amazing beautiful sound wasn’t a stand-up characteristic. But then I was focused in a different way and I think if I had chosen to focus on sound I could have had this whole experience of sound…it would have been the same experience.”

To a question about past lives she answered, “I don’t know how to talk about other lives and past lives. Because from that non-physical plane it doesn’t make sense to talk about past lives, because it’s all one!” – and just laughs…

For the sensation of leaving one’s body to appear in such a space and for the one returning to the body she coined the phrase ‘Blink Environment’ – as it only takes the blink of an eye either way. Speaking about time she explained, “We think of time and space as one thing when really there is something else…it is not set…time is relative to the individual. Everything is happening not in a linear but much more complex way than we think of as linear time.”

Natalie was severely wounded by the bomb – her body was not only riddled with shrapnel, she sustained a broken heel and broken right wrist, bones in her arm were shattered, she had a hole and fracture in her skull, shrapnel in both eyes, broken bones on the side of her face, lots of cuts and broken teeth. The retina of one eye was tattered by the explosion and detached, and in spite of several operations she doesn’t see that well with it.

When she blinked back into the body, having chosen to return, she looked out of the window of the truck and thought she might be blind in one eye. The first thing that popped into her mind was the fact that she couldn’t see was really exiting for her:  “I had never had only one [eye] before! Maybe it will let me see other worlds more clearly … it definitely changed things for me.”

“Devoid of fear, devoid of all the other things I should think, devoid of me judging that experience by some…cultural context or personal context, it was just being right in that moment and being excited for that.”

In conclusion she is glad to have come back and has an incredible enthusiasm for experiencing life. She wrote a book about her experiences, “Application Of Impossible Things” which I have yet to read; from the interview that we show here it is obviously a fascinating journey where some of us in the caravanserai may have also traveled to in one way or other and might recognize …

Natalie Sudman’s book ‘Application of Impossible Things’ is available at Amazon

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