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Osho on being a missionary, on doubt, our minds and success

It has to be understood very clearly that nobody has a duty to spread my vision, my message to the people.

I hate the very word ‘missionary’. These are the ugliest creatures on the earth. I don’t want to create missionaries. You have to be utterly selfish, concentrated on only one aim: becoming enlightened.

As you become enlightened, your light will start reaching to others. My message will start vibrating through you, through your love, without any effort on your part.

Osho, Beyond Enlightenment, Ch 14, Q 2


I am not a priest, I am just a friend. I am here to explain to you how I have discovered truth. Doubt has been my own process, my own way to reach to truth.

I would like you to become more and more sharp, intelligent. Doubt more scientifically. Just as in science doubt helps you to discover. it also helps in the inward journey.

Osho, Theologia Mystica, Ch 9, Q 1


I am not a messiah, and I am not a missionary. I am not here to establish a church or to give a doctrine to the world, a new religion, no. My effort is totally different: a new consciousness not a new religion, a new consciousness not a new doctrine. Enough of doctrines and enough of religions! Man needs a new consciousness.

The only way to bring consciousness is to go on hammering from all the sides so that slowly slowly chunks of your mind go on dropping. The statue of a buddha is hidden in you. Right now you are a rock. If I go on hammering, cutting chunks out of you, slowly slowly the buddha will emerge.

Osho, Be Still and Know, Ch 9, Q 6


Just watch people who have succeeded in the world and you will drop the idea of success. Nothing fails like success. Although you have been told that nothing succeeds like success, I say to you that nothing fails like success.

Happiness has nothing to do with success, happiness has nothing to do with ambition, happiness has nothing to do with money, power, prestige.

It is a totally different dimension. Happiness has something to do with your consciousness, not with your character.

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 4, Ch 1

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