I am blissful to learn of your bliss

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (28)


I received your letter.

Osho on Bliss

I am blissful to learn of your bliss.
This for me is bliss.
With every breath
I pray for all to be filled with bliss.
This is my understanding of religion.

The religion that ends in temples, mosques, churches,
is a dead religion.
A religion that fails to go beyond dead words and doctrines
has no significance.
An authentic and living religion
unites one with the whole
and leads one to the whole.
Religion is whatever unites you with the cosmos.
Whatever feelings lead you towards
this marvellous meeting and merging
are prayers,
and all those prayers can be expressed in a single word;
that word is love.

What does love want?
Love wants to share with all
the bliss it has.
Love wants to share itself with everyone!
To give of oneself unconditionally – that is love.
To love
is to dedicate one’s being to the whole
as the drop surrenders to the sea.
I pulsate with such love.
It has filled my life with nectar and light.
Now I have only one wish:
that what has happened to me should happen to all!

Give my love to everyone there.

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