How did you hurt your finger?

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (29)



I received your letter.

How did you hurt your finger?
It sounds as if you are not taking care of your body.
And why the restless mind?
In this dreamlike world there is nothing worth
making the mind restless for.
Peace is the greatest bliss
and there is nothing worth losing it for.

Meditate on it.
Just being aware of the truth brings about inner change.

I think you won’t be coming to Udaipur to assist me
and that’s on your mind.
Come if you can,
if you can’t – never mind,
you are helping me all the time.
Isn’t one’s love help enough?
If you don’t come I will miss you
because the camp at Udaipur
is linked for me with being with you,
so I am hoping you can come.

Regards to all.

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