Yoga Teertha from India


Teertha (Shori Lal Bhanjana) leaves his body at age 82.

He left his body on 30th May 2012 in his house in Kalyan near Mumbai, India. His youngest son, Rajeev, had taken care of him and was with him when he died. Three days before his death he started not to close his eyes and sleep because he wanted to be aware until his last breath. Rajeev says that after Teertha left his body the room was filled with pure white light.

Teertha was born in the part of Punjab that is now Pakistan, and escaped to India after the Partition. He was Chief Ticket Inspector for the Bombay Central Railway during the 1970s, and he came across Osho during his long train journeys, but was always too overwhelmed with love for him and too shy to pay his respects.

Eventually, he took sannyas in 1971 during a meditation camp at Mount Abu and 17 years later he came to Pune to work in Osho’s commune. There, many of us might have met him as the book dispatcher, a job he did for 10 years with joy and humor. He is remembered as a simple and innocent man.

In an interview with the Italian Osho Times last December Teertha said, “I learnt to be with a woman and to be without a woman. The woman I was with, and also without, is called Suha, and Suha supported my choice to be in solitude and silence, when that was what I wanted. I was in silence for three months and she respected my choice by not talking to me and by taking care of all my material needs, so that I could avoid any contact with the outside world for food, errands, etc. She was in silence as well, and this was very helpful for me. The driving force for our staying together was my longing to know ‘the Feminine’ and her longing to know ‘the Masculine’.

“Although I had 35 years of marriage and four children behind me, I had not experienced ‘the Feminine’ in its essence and its expression.

“When we are sick we have to be alone; when we are sick our being closes up, it shrinks. When we are happy and healthy, we expand and we want to share everything we are.

“There are no separations in life; we all are connected with each other; none of us is alone: only the mind tells us that there is no communication and that we are separate from each other. Meditation is not enough; love is also required. If a meditator does not become loving and affectionate, this means he or she is not meditating yet. A lot of energy is needed for meditation, and a lot of meditation is needed for love.”

Teertha leaves behind his long-time companion, Italian Ma Suha, his three grown children, and his wife.

Beautiful send-off celebrations were held at the Dombivili Osho Meditation Center, the Khanvel Resort, and his house in Kalyan. His Italian friends joined the celebrations in their own towns in Italy.

Text submitted by Suha

Video of Death Celebration:


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Listen Teertha,
How strong in me is your heart beating…
Suha (an hommage to the Polish poetess Wislawa Szymborska)

Remembering someone who is no longer visible is like bird-watching. You can hear the song, you know it is nearby, but you can’t see the bird – it is mostly hidden in the branches. You need to stretch your inner ear and open your heart wide; then you can feel the throb and sometimes out of the blue the face appears.
Lucia (Suha’s sister)

Teertha enjoyed his life. He was aware about every step upto his last moment. He always said he wanted to leave his body in full awareness. When he left his body I felt purity in the air. That was a new experience in my life.
Rajeev Bhanjana (Teertha’s brother)

Thank you, Beloved. In this love,

Beloved Teertha, you are the Laughter, in the Sharing, in Depth. Beloved Teertha, great Friend, you are in my heart. Embraced by Love. Always ♡♥♡
Deva Vatika

A simple, beautiful man with a sweet, tinkly laugh. Buon Viaggio! And greetings, love, condolences, and celebration (your pick) to Suha. Congratulations to both for a life well lived.

A beautiful man! I remember him so well from Dispatch and from our dinners together in a small restaurant in Meera Nagar, where we both lived at that time. Suha, beloved, my thoughts are with you. Such a lovely couple.

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