I Am A Killer

Hot Chillies

Q: You are the best killer, Osho. One year with you and slowly your poison is working in my mind. Whatever I pretend to be looks ugly and dirty; everything is in a turmoil. But now, in such a great confusion, how to find a small door for the divine to enter.


Let that be the divine’s worry. Why should you be worried? You just be yourself, He will find the way.

And you are right: I am a killer – almost a murderer.

3 chillies

One man was dying in a hospital, and he said to the doctor, “Doctor, I am very much worried. It seems I am dying.”

The doctor said, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

That’s what I say to you, “Don’t worry, leave it to me. I will kill you.”

Because that is the only way to give you a new release, a new lease of life. I will give you the cross so that you can be reborn.


Osho, Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 9, Ch 8, Q 3

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