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With 6 active Osho communes, 80 meditation centers and thousands of sannyasins, Nepal is gradually becoming a most active hub for Osho and Sannyas.

Unlike other countries, Nepal is one of the few countries in the world where Osho and his sannyasins are respected and recognized also by government bodies, the media and other institutions. The president of the country inaugurates Osho communes while the Prime Minister visits to launch Osho books.

Article of 2 books in universities

Spearheaded by Swami Anand Arun, a long-time disciple of Osho and coordinator of Osho Tapoban, the Osho movement in this small country has yet again added another feather to its cap. Recently one of the leading universities in Nepal, The Pokhara University has included Osho’s book A New Vision of Women’s Liberation and Arun’s book about Osho and other enlightened masters, Santa Darshan, in its academic curriculum for Bachelors in Development Studies.

The coordinator of the School of Development and Social Engineering, Arjun Thapa informed the Nepali daily Nagarik that the books have already been chosen and will be used as text books for the next academic session of Bachelors in Development Studies. He further explained that Western philosophy is more dominant when it comes to studies about women’s liberation, and Osho’s book was chosen as it also shows the Eastern perspectives.

Arun’s book which is one of the spiritual best sellers in Nepal and is in its 6th edition also has chapters about Buddha’s wife Yasodhara and other prominent women from the East, that throw light on unknown aspects of these women’s profound personalities.

Referring to the news Arun said, “It is a very open-minded approach. This is a turning point for spiritual books to be included as course books. It will not only make the students aware of the spiritual aspects of life but will inspire them to delve even deeper into their subjects.”

Arun is also the writer of two other books, Santa Gatha and Antar Yatra.

Article by Aatmo Neerav

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