5 Minutes in Nepal


This is a real joke!

I had to go out of India after 180 days for visa requirements, so I chose to cross a land border into Nepal.

It was a comic scene: in the jungle by a vast river there is a little border post – a hut with a guy and his wife cooking chapatis and a sign saying ‘Immigration’. I get my exit stamp from him, walk for ten minutes through the jungle, accompanied by hundreds of villagers on foot and bicycles (Indians and Nepalis can cross the border without any restrictions or checks) humping items from one side to the other.

Then there is another hut with ‘Immigration’ on it and a Nepali flag. Another guy and his wife having chapatis. There I get a Nepali visa, and entry stamp. “How long are you planning to stay?” he asks me. “About 5 minutes” I tell him. He writes 1 day in the immigration form, then gives me an exit stamp and I’m back through the forest to the Indians again to get an entry stamp. Legal requirements done! SO Indian!!

by Chinni

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