I welcome this birth of determination in you

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (40)


I received your letter on my return.
I welcome this birth of determination in you.
Such strength of will alone takes us to truth.
Our deepest powers are aroused by it,
the unorganized energy becomes organized
and then there is music.

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What tremendous energy exists in this atom of self!
But it can’t be known without utter intensity of will.
You must have seen rocks
that even the strongest chisel cannot break,
and yet the sprouting shrub or plant
slips cracks and crevices through it so easily!
When the tiniest seed is filled with determination
to push through and reach the sun,
even the hardest rock has to give way.
So a weak seed wins over the mighty rocks!
The tender seed breaks through the hardest of rocks!

Why? Because no matter
how strong and powerful the rock,
it is dead,
and because it is dead it has no will.
The seed is tender,
it is weak,
but alive!
Remember, where there is will there is life
and where there is no will there is no life.
The seed’s will becomes its power
and with this power
its tiny roots sprout,
enter the rock and spread out,
until one day they break the rock.

Life always wins over death.
The living force within has never been defeated by
the dead obstacles without – and never will be.

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