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An article by Swami Chaitanya Keerti published on February 1, 2013.

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As the modern civilisation becomes more and more uncivilised, some intelligent people around the world are becoming concerned and looking for solutions to bring some sanity. The whole world seems to be going mad — people are in a real rage and the volcanoes of anger and violence are erupting almost daily.

Recently two Serbian teenagers set up a “Rage Room” where people can vent their anger and frustration by destroying things. Customers are handed a baseball and a hard hat before they unleash their anger on lamps, beds, tables and other pieces of furniture. The “Rage Room” has drawn a flurry of attention since it opened in the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad in October, where two decades of war, political crisis and economic hardship have driven many people over the edge.

Travelling around the world, I noticed that at all the major airports there are prayers rooms for believers of different religions. The airports of far eastern countries provide meditation rooms as well, though I am not so sure how many travellers use such facilities. Soon we would have to think of creating “Rage Rooms”, more than prayer rooms, not just at airports, but in all the public institutions, schools and colleges, Parliaments and legislative Assemblies. These rooms will be used for catharsis and deep psychic cleansing. For Parliaments also, it is better to have a separate room for deep catharsis and moments of deep silence before the political leaders start their discussions and debates. Then they will not feel the need to hurl abuses and throw chairs at their opponents.

In the last century, in the Sixties, Osho was the first enlightened master to anticipate this modern volatile situation of the world. As a remedy to this problem, he devised the cathartic methods of meditation, which can give real peace to the practitioners. One such method is called “Osho Dynamic Meditation’.

For all kinds of angry and violent people, Osho says that meditation is more helpful than anything else and dynamic meditation is particularly helpful. “Just help the person to ‘cathart’. He has gathered much rubbish in his heart which he has not been allowed to throw off anywhere. Help him to throw it off. Don’t repress him any more. What I call the dynamic methods of meditation can be of tremendous value to future psychiatry. Just help him to bring his madness out, whatsoever he feels like. If he wants to scream, let him.”

This meditative approach is very healthy. Almost 80 per cent of diseases are due to repressed emotions. Our heart gradually becomes weak if we keep poisoning it with repressed anger and hatred. From our childhood we are taught to control our emotions. Nobody teaches us how to transform them.

Spiritual science teaches us to transform our emotions through catharsis and deep observation. In Osho’s dynamic and other cathartic meditations, this transformation takes place. The energy is neutral and in its raw form it can get expressed in sexuality, anger, rape and violence. The same energy, with the help of such dynamic methods, gets expressed as love, friendliness and compassion.


KeertiSwami Chaitanya Keerti, editor of Osho World, is the author of ‘Osho Fragrance’.

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