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Mridu and Marga talk about their Osho Institute near Athens.

“Actually, what does ‘Serendipity’ mean?” is often the last question somebody asks when leaving the Institute. Mridu and Marga, the beating heart of Osho Serendipity, are always amazed that people do not ask when they come, but always when they leave; and that they all exclaim “a-ha!” when they hear “Serendipity” means a pleasant surprise for the one who is seeking (even for those who don’t know if they are seeking or what). A gentle smile appears on the face of the two partners recognizing that something really good has happened to the visitor, as they both have experienced intimately what Osho means by saying life is not a gathering of commodities but a series of “a-ha!”…

Watch the video and have a glimpse of the experience with the speakers on!

Osho Serendipity Institute was born after a long personal quest for both Mridu and Marga. Though on different yet fully lived paths, life brought them together at the Institute that first opened in 2008, to face a new inquiry: “How can we share our experience and open the door for people to live what Osho says about meditation being our nature, our very potential?”

They were aware that many people at that time were experiencing breakthroughs in groups and meditative therapies but to embody and ground their inner shifts into their lives was another thing entirely! In the search of a fresh opening, they met life itself; they met action and relaxation, inner needs and outer desires, here and now, Zorba and Buddha and then, one day, their profound experience gave birth to a new pathway: “Meditation, Holidays & Travelling”!

What if instead of
trying to make space
in our life for meditation,
we could live meditating?”

Mridu and Marga introduced a totally new idea: rather than people making space in their life to meditate, what about living their life while meditating? What if they could swim and sun-bathe and enjoy a delicious meal and do water-sports when meditating? What if they could enjoy 4-star accommodation and services while looking inside? What if they could enrich meditation with memorable experiences of cruising around the Greek islands or tasting a spicy flavor of Athens and meditate while experiencing it all? What if they were offered the opportunities for inner growth and grounding at the same time? What if meditation and living life were not two separate things but one and the same? It would be a holistic experience! It would be surely a new path for Creative Living!

Of course this new creative path wouldn’t have come true without the strong support of the very powerful buddhafield of the Institute created by all the people who have intensively worked with themselves for many years and have connected some of their strongest experiences with Osho Serendipity; nor without the valuable contribution of a great number of new sannyasins who have enriched the buddhafield with their vibrating freshness; nor without the powerful Osho meditations and groups during all that time and the small community of friends around it.

“A new pathway
for Creative Living
in Greece
including Meditation,
Holidays and Travelling!”

However, there is also another thing that anyone who visits the Institute may feel right away: it is the rare togetherness of diverse elements that creates a unique energy field giving the visitor the exquisite sensation of a natural unity. It is the protecting aura of the surrounding forest along with the refreshing breeze of the sea just a stone throw away, playing with the notorious clear light of Attica all day long. It is the high vibration of the area as the Institute is within the highly charged energy field of the ancient temple of Poseidon nearby (the temple, dating back to the 6th century BCE and still stands, was built in this very area because of the high vibrations present). It is the totality of Mridu and Marga, who combined their diverse, yet complementary talents with their tremendous love for people, life, joy, and their passion for inner growth that holds this holistic experience for the visitors.

We are situated in Anavissos, a seaside village, just a 45 min drive from the centre of Athens and a 25 min drive from Athens’ airport. Yet it is called Attica Riviera because it has a lot of similarities with Greek islands and its own picturesque local harbor with fishing boats, local market, taverns with Greek cuisine and fresh seafood, modern beach bars and bar-restaurants. The area has a lot of small and large beaches, all of which are awarded with a ‘blue flag’ for being the cleanest beaches on the planet!

800 meters from the most famous beach of the area, Osho Serendipity stands proudly overseeing the sea, surrounded by a refreshing pine forest and offering its visitors facilities with emphasis on comfort, a homey ambience and Zen decoration. It has 1500 sqm. of landscaped garden where exotic flowers coexist with olive trees, comfortable sitting areas, ponds and kiosks. It is well known for its semi-open gourmet café / restaurant “Z the B” amid this splendid natural environment, offering visitors the experience of healthy, creative and delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. It also features a beautifully sunny group room in purple, with wide windows overlooking the flourishing garden that give participants the sensation they are meditating in nature. It also has an open shady Buddha Hall under the huge pine trees where painting groups, dance meditations, cinema nights and other activities are hosted. It is unquestionably a place supporting the experience of oneness! –

Marga and MriduBodhi Mridu holds an MA in Psychology and Counselling, and is certified in Primal Therapy, Art Therapy, Meditative Therapies, Reiki and Energy Work. She took sannyas in 2001 and during the many years living at the Osho Commune in Poona, she found fulfilment in her heart and has been sharing her passion for meditation and love for people since the 1990’s. She is an Osho Therapist with 15 years of experience working with people and leading groups.

Atmo Marga was running her own advertising agency for more than twenty years when she came in contact with meditation and introspection a few years ago; gradually she changed her way of life and took sannyas in 2008. Since then she dedicated herself to the Osho Serendipity Institute sharing her natural talent to support all those who are interested in living the ‘Zorba the Buddha Way of Living Experience’.

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