We Are All A Togetherness


In fact, there is no wall between the conscious and unconscious.

And what is echoed in the heart, reaches all corners of the universe. And anything that echoes in any corner of the universe, reaches to the heart. We are all a togetherness.

Hence, the fourth sutra of Yoga… the rest of the sutras I will talk on tomorrow… the fourth sutra of Yoga says that in the universe nothing is unrelated. Everything is relative, the world is a family. Here all is joined together, here nothing is separate. Here man is related to stones, the moon and stars are related to the earth, our heartbeats are related to the moon and the stars, our thoughts are related to the waves of the ocean. The shining snow on the mountains is related to the dreams of our heart. Here nothing is separate. Here all is related, all is joined together. Here there is no way to be separate because there is no gap in between from where things can separate. To be separate is only an illusion.


Hence I tell you the fourth sutra of Yoga – energy is united, energy is one family. Neither consciousness is separate from unconsciousness, nor existence is separate from nonexistence, nor matter is separate from mind, nor body is separate from soul, nor God is separate from the earth, nor from nature. The very word, the very word separate is false. All is united, all is together. The words united and together give wrong connotations because we use these words for the things which are separate. They are only one, just as an ocean has infinite waves, each wave is connected with the other. That wave is connected to endless shores which are not even visible to you.

Here all is connected. The sun is at a distance of one hundred million miles from the earth. If the sun becomes cold, we all die. We will not be able to ask, “What concern do we have with the sun which is one hundred million miles away? Let it become cold.” We will not be able to burn the lamps of our houses. We will not be able to speak, even. All of us will be dead because you are getting all life energy from the sun. But this sun too is connected with other greater suns. Scientists say that they have counted about one hundred million suns up to now. And they are all connected together. This counting will never be complete because there are expanses beyond and beyond and beyond. It is endless. In this endless expanse, all is connected and joined together. A flower has blossomed and that too is connected to us. And there is a stone lying by the side of the road – that too is connected to us. Once you have understood the voice of togetherness, not only the pulse will be influenced, even those things may be influenced which are not in your imagination at all.

Do an experiment with a needle. Fill a small glass with water and spread some oily substance over it – a little purified butter or a little oil – and float a small pin in it. Then for two minutes sit down and gaze at the glass. For two minutes your eyes are not to blink. And then say to that pin, “Left turn.” You will be surprised that the needle will turn to the left. Say to it, “Right turn” and you will be surprised that the needle will turn to the right. And say, “Stop!” and it will stop and move to your suggestion.

I said ‘needle’ because you have little will power, otherwise even mountains can be moved. That’s why a needle. But if a needle moves, there is no problem why a mountain cannot move because what is really the difference between a needle and a mountain? There is difference in quantity but no difference in the principle.

Yoga says we are all joined. Yoga says that when one man thinks something bad, then the people of the surrounding area are also affected by it. There is no need to express that thought. When one man thinks something good, then in the surrounding area some waves of good thoughts start spreading. There is no need to express the good thought. Suddenly, standing in front of someone, you feel a kind of peace descending. Suddenly, standing in front of someone, you feel restlessness arising. You are passing through some place and you feel that the mind has become light. You are passing through some place and you feel that the mind has become heavy. You sit in some house and you feel caught by fear. You sit in some house and you feel that the heart is cheerful. These are the effects of the waves coming from all around. These waves are surrounding you from all sides, they have touched you. Not that only you are touching these waves. It is happening all the time.

In the midst of the expanse of the whole, we are also a pile of energy. And all around everything is energetically active. The destiny of the whole universe is our collective destiny. This fourth sutra of Yoga means that to see oneself as separate is madness; to understand oneself as separate is stupid. To live thinking oneself as separate, is to carry weight on the head on one’s own.

Osho, Sun of Consciousness, Ch 2 (translated from Hindi)

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