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Activities during May 2013

Born-again group participantsThe Born Again group was conducted at Oshodham from May 10 to 16, facilitated by Swami Prem Vartan. The process takes place for two hours every day, over seven days. For the first hour, participants take the space and freedom to behave like children, and for the second hour, they sit silently, doing nothing.

Osho says that during these days of the group, “I want to throw you back to the point where you started being ‘good’ as against being natural. Be playful so your childhood is regained. It will be difficult because you will have to put aside your masks, your faces; you will have to put aside your personality. But remember, the essence can assert itself only when your personality is not there, because your personality has become an imprisonment. Put it aside. It will be painful, but it is worth it because you are going to be reborn out of it. And no rebirth is possible without pain. If you are really determined to be reborn, then take the risk.”
The Supreme Doctrine, Ch 1

girlFrom May 24 to 26 a Meditation Camp for Children and Parents was facilitated by Ma Prem Devyani and Swami Avinash Bharti. Various meditation sessions were conducted that included gibberish, Nadabrahma and Kundalini for children. Non-competitive games and creativity sessions are the highlights of this meditation camp. The children unleashed their creativity in particular during in the painting and clay modeling sessions.

On May 21 we celebrated Swami Om Prakash Saraswati’s enlightenment day. Lovingly known as ‘Swamiji’ he was the personification of total, absolute and unconditional surrender to his master, Osho.

SwamijiBorn on December 31, 1918, in Faridnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Swamiji was working as an executive for the DCM Company, when his interest was triggered by a series of articles of Osho in various magazines. He was initiated into sannyas in 1971 after attending several meditation camps. Later, he took voluntary retirement to totally devote himself to the work of Osho and moved to the Pune Ashram to live with his master.

In 1978, Swamiji was sent to Delhi by Osho to start a meditation center and thus the foundation of Osho’s work in Delhi was laid. Daily meditations started at Rajyoga Meditation Center, and at the same time he conducted meditation camps all over northern India and the center became the distributor of all Osho books and discourses for the region. In 1981, after Osho went to the United States, the center was asked to publish a monthly newsletter by the name of “Rajneesh Buddhafield” to connect people with Osho and to inform them about the latest developments happening around Osho in Rajneeshpuram. Later the center was also asked to publish books and audio cassettes of discourses.

One day Osho sent a message from Rajneeshpuram for Swamiji to look for a larger place near Delhi to build a meditation campus. A large piece of land was acquired on the outskirts of Delhi and with the love and tender care of Swamiji, Oshodham was developed to provide a meditative environment for seekers.

Swamiji’s inspiration and love has helped realize Osho’s vision to bring meditation to the market place. Osho World Galleria at Ansal Plaza was opened, making Osho available in one of the hip places in Delhi. The Osho World website was launched to make Osho available through the internet, and the publication of the monthly magazines Osho World Patrika and Osho World News began.

While Swamiji blossomed in meditation, his inner growth manifested in his work. He remained an inspiration to young disciples on the journey of meditation.

Swamiji attained enlightenment on May 21, 2001. He continuously remained involved in Osho activities and spread the message and vision of his beloved master until he attained Mahaparinirvana on March 27, 2003. Like a drop that dissolves into the ocean, Swamiji merged with the vast ocean of Osho.

Watch the video Buddhatava Ki Aur (Towards Enlightenment) on YouTube

Text by Naina

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