Osho Galleria Oregon (Osho Research and Archive Center) to open soon

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Champak’s meditation and information centre cum artifact and reading room to open soon..

Osho Galleria Oregon

Since taking sannyas, Champak has been avidly reading Osho’s books and researching as much as he can about Osho and his life and work. He is very aware about the negative publicity that Osho and sannyas got when Osho was in Oregon and would like to take a few steps to counteract that negativity by establishing a meditation/information centre called Osho Galleria Oregon which would include a reading room and an artifact room which would house a collection of Osho’s books (many of them original editions), books about him, and other memorabilia.

Osho News is aware that the University of Oregon has set up some records about the Rajneeshpuram era for research but has heard from some reputable sources that most of the records consist of the negative publicity fostered by the media and local Oregonians and that very little positive material exists. Most of the collection is in reference to the legal aspects of the Ranch. We therefore would like to support Champak in his endeavours to “focus more on the spiritual and positive aspects of Osho’s work and movement to counterbalance ‘the media’s interpretation’ and reveal the true ‘juiciness’ and historical importance of Osho for future generations.”

Champak says: “As I establish contact with sannyasins (past and present), I always ask if they have items from their time with Osho that they would be willing to add to the collection. I am planning on having a section devoted to authors / editors / photographers and would love to display any additional items that would bring visitors closer to that period.”

If you would like to support Osho Galleria Oregon by donating items which would add to the present collection, please contact Champak.

ChampakChampak took sannyas two years ago and lives just outside Portland, Oregon. He was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and lived in Puerto Rico before his family moved to the USA. After training to be a juvenile counsellor / social worker he decided to instead become an elementary school teacher because, he says, “it is better to plant seeds than to keep pulling weeds!” He is also a guitar player and has created an afterschool Rock and Roll Club for kids. oshogalleriaor@yahoo.com oshogalleriaoregon.net

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