Reincarnation and Unwinding Karma

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Sarita writes about her own discovery of reincarnation through meditation and her work helping others finding out for themselves.

I have spent many years diving into the profound subject of reincarnation through meditation, healing and hypnosis, for myself as well as through offering sessions to many people. Reincarnation has nothing to do with belief. It is based solely on one’s own individual experience. When we do not censor the life-stream of our inner subjectivity, memories bubble up to the surface, which have nothing to do with our current life. If we allow ourselves to enter deeper into these memories, we see, feel and know entire lifetimes of deeply lived experience.

We may also have memories of the Bardo realms in-between lives; the lessons learned on the soul level after death and before re-birth.

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Some people may say that these memories simply float in the ether and when a person is born, for some reason they may attract certain types of memories like a dust cloth attracts dust, in an arbitrary manner. Other people say that these memories are actual lives, experienced before by the soul who now inhabits this particular body.

Whatever the theory may be doesn’t really matter. It is actually completely irrelevant whether this or such life actually happened to this person. What truly matters is that the person feels identification with this memory. It is the identification that needs to be worked with, transformed and healed.

I was very shocked the first time I found myself in a past life memory. I was 19 years old and had been doing meditations for about a year and a half when it happened. My meditation practice included techniques for cleansing the emotional wounding I had built up during my short life. One of those practices was Osho’s Dynamic Meditation and the other practice is called Prati-Prasav, a technique used by both Buddha and Mahavira to help their disciples cleanse past life imprints. At that time, past lives meant nothing to me, as I was totally immersed in healing this life’s trauma. I was actually using the Prati-Prasav method to go backwards in time as far as I could – before conscious memory – in order to heal my birth trauma.

I had managed to reach all the way to my birth and kept on going, finding myself re-living my time in the womb. I was curled up in the foetal position, floating in a peaceful sea of embryonic fluid when suddenly there was a kind of popping sensation, and I found myself hurtling backwards down a long dark tunnel. There was another pop! And I found myself hovering above a dead body, looking down, knowing that this body was me. The momentum I had built up during the year long practice of Prati-Prasav propelled me into further unwinding. Another pop! Brought me into the body before this person’s death, and from there I kept on moving backwards through that life, all the way to the birth of that person.

This experience was a complete revelation. It shattered my idea that I came into my family by accident, that I was a victim of chance, that I carried no responsibility for my childhood of abject poverty. I now saw, felt and knew exactly how I had screwed things up so badly in my past life that existence was forced to offer me my present life situation. In fact, existence had been extremely compassionate with me. Things could have been much worse, given my state of mind when I died.

You must have noticed that whatever you are thinking about when you go to sleep at night is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning. Our night’s sleep is like a small death. When our body dies, the last thought and emotion we have, carries into the new birth as an energy matrix into which the new life is woven. This is certainly why the Tibetans, in their wisdom, have developed a detailed “Book of the Dead”, which when read out loud helps people crossing that great divide in a harmonious and conscious way.

After my first experience of past life recall, I went on practising Prati-Prasav, and for the next five years, travelled on a wild journey into my karmic landscape. It was harrowing, devastating, uplifting, expanding and deeply transformational. One thing I learned that is important to pass on is that our present is based on our past. If we have not resolved the unfinished issues from our past, they go on repeating like a stuck record.

The past needs to be brought to the light of our awareness. Things that were left unspoken or unexpressed need to be expressed, using our voice and body. And once this purging has happened, we need to very consciously invite in those energies, which will best serve our true soul calling. When the past is cleansed in this way, whether it is this or other lives, we are finally ready to take responsibility for creating the life we really want in the present.

Our future is also important. The future is born out of this moment. Whatever you are thinking or feeling now is spinning the web of your future. Be aware what you are putting out into the universe through your thoughts and feelings. Life is simply a mirror.

After 16 years of purification and cleansing through meditation, a marvellous healing method was offered to me on a golden platter. This was Colourpuncture, created by naturopathic genius Peter Mandel. I studied intensively with him for seven years, researching deeply into this miraculous method. Explaining everything about Colourpuncture (what I now call Colour Light Therapy), would be a whole book in itself, so I will just touch on it briefly here.

The work I did in over five years of cleansing my past lives through Prati-Prasav, can be done in just five weeks with Colour Light Therapy. Naturally I became enamoured with this possibility and journeyed with it into past lives, ancestral lives, animal lives and plant and mineral lives. I also gave countless sessions to people from all over the world, and in the process found myself to be as expert as one can get on this particular subject. Colourpuncture helped me to cleanse so deeply that my true soul potential emerged, and I shifted from full time healing to becoming a full time Tantra Teacher.

When we cleanse our karmic patterns, who we are meant to be has space to shine through. We become radiant suns, shining our creative gifts into this world.

In general, people fit into one of three categories of wounding in terms of karmic imprints. Some people are aggressors, some are victims, and some are self-abusers. When doing past life work, it is important to identify which groove the person is stuck into. Generally people repeat the same groove life after life till they get so tired of it that they finally begin looking for solutions.

Once we have identified the pattern, then we can get to work on finding the root. The root will always be in the opposite category. If someone was a victim, for example, we will find the root in the aggressor. However, karmic etiquette demands that we do not go directly to the root. We need to spend several sessions just on clearing victim debris (or vice versa). Once some sunlight is peeping through the ‘victim’ jungle, then we can begin making tentative searches into the root of all this jungle growth. It is interesting that without any exception, all persons will actively resist moving into the root of their karmic pattern. It is after all, what defines them. It is the basis for their whole identity. The ego collapses, imploding upon itself when we cut the root.

Doing this work is an extremely delicate surgery. You have to be a detective, a mystic and a midwife all rolled up into one. One has to literally sneak up on the root, and catch it unawares; otherwise the ego will make sure to cover it under layers of subterfuge. Once exposed, the root event needs to undergo the same process as any other trauma release. Bring the cause to the surface, express what could not be expressed at the time of the event, and then bring in the healing quality which is in tune with this person’s soul calling.

People often ask me about the function of the soul. The soul is the bridge between body and spirit. Spirit is that force within us which is never born and never dies. Soul links spirit to matter. In our material reality, we accumulate experiences, which have been left incomplete. Karma is simply that which has never found its fulfilment by being lived with totality. These incomplete experiences remain as fragments in our energetic field, waiting to find completion. If we die before completing them, these fragments are stored in the soul and are carried into a new body. Our present body is built around our soul programme and all the unfinished business it carries.

When we cleanse this unfinished business, we find a marvellous attunement between body, soul and spirit. True health, or wholeness, happens when body, soul and spirit resonate in harmony. This earth is a school and the dissolution of karmic imprints is one of the main lessons we need to learn. The process of cleansing and purging is accelerating, that is why there are so many new healing modalities in the world today. We are being supported by some mysterious forces to clean up our act.

The outer world mirrors our inner world, and if you look around you, it is obvious we have lots of homework to do in the inner world. I hope this article is an inspiration to go for it.

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SaritaSarita met Osho in Mumbai in 1973 and shortly afterwards received sannyas. She spent the next 26 years in his communes where she worked cleaning Osho’s house, as a medium in energy darshan, in the PR department and as a holistic healer. Osho gave her the title ‘Mahasatvaa’ meaning ‘keeper of esoteric wisdom’. Since 1997 she has been teaching Tantra, holistic healing and meditation across the world. She lives in England and France.

Artwork by Bill Brouard from Visual Alchemy © Copyright 2013 –

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