Trees Can Read Your Thoughts


Beloved Osho,
I blew it today.

One moment of unawareness feels like it wipes out those moments of awareness. While pruning in your garden I cut deeply into a living tree that I thought was dead. The very moment the axe made its death blow I knew, you knew, existence knew, I had taken life. Feeling guilt, fear, stupidity, I finished cutting the tree, carrying it out of your garden. Osho, I have cut thousands of trees and killed many, many animals in my life, but never before felt hurt as much as I did, and do, about this tree. Mukta is afraid you’ll cut off her head. Spare her head and cut mine, along with my unawareness. I’m sorry.

Anand Vibhavan, it is something tremendously beautiful that reverence for life is arising in you. But don’t feel any guilt, neither fear nor stupidity, because these are parasites. Just do one thing: become more alert and remember: before you cut another tree, make sure that it is dead.

There is no hurry. It is simply unconsciousness; otherwise you would have found that it was alive. Perhaps the leaves had fallen and the tree was waiting for new leaves to come. And you could have waited and watched… but guilt is not the right thing.

You hurt the tree; now you are hurting yourself.

Reverence for life does not mean reverence only for others’ life.

It also includes reverence for your own life too.

Guilt is not reverence. Neither you are stupid – because you became aware; not only aware, but you felt hurt that a life is unnecessarily destroyed. It shows intelligence.

And as far as fear is concerned, don’t be worried about Mukta. I have chopped her head long ago – she believes she has a head – and I will chop your head too.

But my surgery is not painful. It brings more blissfulness to you than you had ever experienced. So there is no need to have fear. Just have awareness, more alertness, more consciousness.

This garden is not just an ordinary garden. These trees have heard me as much as you have heard me, and these trees have loved me as much as you have loved me. These trees are as much my disciples as you are. So be respectful with them. With loving care, with sensitive alertness, you will not only be a good gardener, you will also become a higher consciousness – more human, more divine.

Osho Garden

Shower on these trees all your love. They cannot speak, but they are very sensitive.

The latest experiments about trees are so revealing – they can even read your thoughts. Their sensitivity is far greater than man’s sensitivity.

Scientists have developed certain instruments like the cardiogram. They put the cardiogram on a certain tree and the cardiogram starts making a graph of how the tree is feeling. The graph is symmetrical, and then suddenly they bring a woodcutter with an axe, and the moment the tree sees the woodcutter the graph changes. It goes berserk, the symmetry is lost. Nothing has been done to the tree, it is just that the woodcutter has come with the idea to cut it. That idea is being caught by the sensitiveness of the tree, and now, there are scientific ways to find it out.

The strangest thing is that if the woodcutter is just passing without any idea of cutting the tree, the graph does not change. It depends on his idea – his thought creates a certain wave. Every thought is being broadcasted from your mind, creating waves around you, and those waves are picked up by the sensitiveness of the tree. They are very much alive.

It is good that you have become aware of it. Don’t lose this awareness, because it will not only help the trees, it will help you too. It will become your meditation.

Everything that is being done here has to become your meditation.

This is a temple, and we are here just for a single reason: to transcend our darkness and our unconsciousness.

A man goes into a men’s toilet, holding his hands outstretched, as if they are paralyzed. In the urinals, he taps another man on the elbow.

“Excuse me, I wonder if you could help me. I have a problem with my hands and need assistance in using the urinal. Would you be so kind as to open my zipper?”

The other man is very embarrassed, but obliges. The first man says, “Thank you very much. Now I have another favour to ask. Would you mind helping me to aim?”

The second man blushes, but helps him aim. After he has relieved himself, the first man says, “You don’t know how grateful I am. Now please just do me up again.” Nearly at the end of his patience, the second man does so.

The first man turns to leave, and looking at his awkwardly-held hands, says, “Good. I think my nail polish is dry now.”

Osho, The Hidden Splendour, Ch 21, Q 2

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