Wisdom of the Heart


Prem means love, dara is Hebrew; it means the heart of wisdom.

Osho Heart

Knowledge is of the head, hence it has nothing to do with love; in fact basically it is antilove. Love plays no part in the growth of knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of dead facts, information, but those facts are not beating, they are not alive, because love is missing.

Wisdom is of the heart. It has nothing to do with fact, it has something to do with truth. And that is the difference between truth and fact: fact is only a corpse, truth is alive. The fact appears like the truth, but it is not – because the heart is beating no more, it is breathing no more; life has left it.

When the scientist dissects a body, whatsoever he comes to know about life is not the truth. It is certainly factual, but the moment you dissect the body you kill it, and whatsoever you know is about the corpse, not about the aliveness. When you dissect a flower you will know many things about it, but something will be missing: the spirit of the flower will be missing.

Facts can be known by the intellect; the spirit can only be contacted by the heart. Information is easily possible through the head, but wisdom only grows in the deepest recesses of the soul.

Love is the very nourishment for truth to live. Remember it: a Buddha may not know more than you, but he is more. A professor of philosophy may know more, but he is not more. Buddha, Jesus or Zarathustra have more being, not more knowledge; more heart, more love, more wisdom, not more information. The professors, the scholars, the pundits, have more information. Quantitatively they are very well-informed; qualitatively they are just empty.

Sannyas is the search for the heart, the search for wisdom – because it is wisdom that liberates. Knowledge binds you, wisdom liberates you. And love is the most essential ingredient in wisdom, the very heart of it.

Osho, Won’t You Join the Dance? Ch 1

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