Our Orgone Egg

Remembering Here&Now

Satyarthi recalls a not-so-widely known story about experimenting with Wilhelm Reich’s orgone therapy at the ashram.

What brought me to Pune were Osho’s words about Wilhelm Reich which I read in 1975. At that time I was deeply involved in Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics and a lot of therapy in the ashram was already based on bioenergetics and energy work. When I arrived in Pune I first participated in groups such as Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy and the famous Encounter Group and soon afterwards I started working in the kitchen, then became a handyman and was involved in construction work, which meant that I forgot all about Reich. In those years living with Osho there was only Osho, his discourses and the community.

Satyarthi not being distracted by a visitor

The accumulator, still on its side, is being covered by a layer of coconut mat which Satyarthi sews together with the help of an assistant

Alok sews the coconut mats together

With the acumulator now upright, Alok sews more coconut mats together

This is Ralph doing more of the sewing

This is Ralph doing more of the sewing

Alok hoists the inner part of the egg into the lower part of the outer shell

Alok hoists the inner part of the egg into the lower part of the outer shell

The inner part of the egg is placed into the outer shell

The inner part of the egg is now placed into the bottom outer shell

The Orgone energy-form-resonance-meditation-accumulator

The Orgone energy-form-resonance-meditation-accumulator (aka The Egg)

Steps up to the entrance

The egg still sitting on the floor

Satyarthi opens the door to the accumulator

Satyarthi opens the door to the egg - thickness of the walls is 50-60 cm

Below the door you can see the attachment of a rubber cord to the metal rim and the thickness of the walls (50-60 cm)

Bottom left: attachment of a rubber cord to the metal rim

The rubber cords which hold the egg suspended are attached to the metal rim

Rubber cords holding the egg suspended are attached to the metal rim

Ralph demonstrating how it is to sit inside

Ralph demonstrating how it is to sit inside

The 'spa ambiance' is given by the pot plants

The inviting 'spa ambiance' is given by the pot plants

After Osho left his body in 1990 I worked in the air conditioning department with Alok, and somehow my enthusiasm in Wilhelm Reich was activated again. I began reading various literatures and became interested in alternative energy. While being an air conditioning baba, I built one of Wilhelm Reich’s traditional Orgone Energy Accumulators during my work time, and we used material which we ‘organised’ from the carpenters shop and the welding shop…it was a risky business mainly because I was an ashram resident!

The first orgone box we built had metal plates lining the inside, then on top there was one layer of cotton wool and another layer of steel wool. These two layers were repeated four more times making it a total of 5 layers. On the outside we just used simple teak wood.

We replicated Reich’s work exactly the way he had described it in his journals: according to his theory, alternating organic (to attract the energy) and inorganic metallic material (to radiate the energy toward the center of the box) creates an amplified energy field. People would sit inside the accumulator and absorb orgone energy through their skin and lungs. The accumulator has a healthy effect on blood and body tissue by improving the flow of life energy and by releasing energy blocks.

In his laboratory Reich had observed an intense yellow and blue light floating around the orgone accumulators and in his experiments he also discovered that death matter became alive again; he realised that the blue orgone particles were responsible for this rejuvenation.

So our first experiment consisted of a simple square box where one could sit inside on a chair and close the door in front. This had immediately a very strong effect on me and thus many people became interested and also experimented with sitting in the box.

Our experiments continued with cleaning the air with ionisers to remove dust particles in the atmosphere. We also built different types of beamers and, when we placed those little beamers on different parts of our bodies, we could feel a tingling and became aware of a change in body temperature within a few minutes.

By this time our small group of friends had already grown to 12 people, among them Chitten, Amrita, Shantideva, Ralph, Bhagawati, Anatto, Alok, Bhansi, Suniti, Bindu, Swarupo. We had a good connection to the inner circle and to Osho’s World Academy of Science for Creativity who sponsored us; this allowed us to go on experimenting and we became more and more lost and crazy with our project!

We gathered all the literature possible from anywhere and anybody, we had regular meetings during which we were brainstorming to find new ideas about alternative energy and how nature works. Inevitably, our group became more and more isolated from the rest of the commune.

In one of our meetings Ralph, an expert in form resonance, suggested that we make a dome not with inorganic but with organic material. This organic dome idea brought us to the insight that in nature the egg is a form that produces life. So we decided to build an orgone energy accumulator in egg form – which turned out not to be as easy as we thought….

In an egg shape there is not one centimetre that resembles the other; every bit is of a different form. We built the outer shell with thousands of little teak wood pieces. For the inner layers we used coconut fibre and fine steel wool, and the last layer inside was made of a fine sheet of teak wood. The walls of the egg were 80 cm thick, the height was 2.70 meters. The egg itself was floating on a net of rubber cords supported by a heavy iron ring and four strong legs.

To enter the egg you had to climb up a few steps, open the door – it was like opening the door of a Swiss bank vault – and sit in the middle on a chair. Once the door was closed there was no light and there was absolute silence. The shape of the egg amplified each and every sound, so you could hear the flow of your blood in your veins. And thanks to the alternating layers of organic and inorganic material you could feel a strong, high energy. You risked coming out of the egg completely overwhelmed and incapable of even riding your bicycle home!

Now, all this wasn’t enough, we also needed to purify our body and nadis (meridians). When we found out that Himalayan rock salt in combination with bicarbonate of soda and 50 vol H2 02 (i.e. 50% peroxyde) in 50º water had a really good deep cleaning effect on the body, we declared it a law: before getting into the orgone egg a 40 minute orgone bath was needed.

We set up a bath tub and installed four big cone-shaped orgone beamers on the ceiling above. After the bath, and before entering the orgone egg, we rested on a pendulum bed. The funniest effect this orgone bath had on all of us was that our skin turned white, making us look like snowmen – and our hair turned red (the peroxyde!). Walking around the ashram it became clear to others that “these people are doing something crazy,” and we became even more isolated in our orgone world.

We started to build pyramid frames around our beds and everybody slept on pendulum beds. At night we had blue or green lights (inspired by Peter Mandel) to enhance the energy in our bedrooms. The air was cleaned with ionisers and we ate spirulina and beet root. All these activities were strictly monitored by Kirlian photography, and the Mora Bio Resonance Feedback by Haridas; Dr. Azima regularly checked our wellbeing.

Now you may ask what happened with this crazy and wonderful experiment?

Well, more and more people left the inner circle and we had to move the egg. During the move, for which we used a heavy duty crane, the chain of the crane broke and the egg fell from the fifth floor of the apartment and disintegrated into dust.

So, life goes on.


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SatyarthiSatyarthi was born 1953 in a small hamlet close to Aachen (Germany), into the only surviving communist family in the village. He became a sannyasin in August 1975 and soon became part of the commune working as a cook and handyman in Deeksha’s kitchen. In Pune 2 he worked with Alok in the airconditioning department. After Osho left his body, he travelled to Brazil and became a co-founder of Osho Lua Brazil where he lived for 4 years working with permaculture and becoming the father of his only daughter. He now lives in Sitges-Barcelona and works as a family therapist.

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