Krishna Ma


…left her body today, 28th October 2013.

Krishna Ma

From Mega we hear that lovely Krishna Ma went to the other shore this morning at 2.40am India time. She was 93.

Her death celebration is happening today (2.00pm).

firecrackers for Krishna Ma


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Krishna Ma and my mom have been friends since long. She was also for me like a friend. She was over 90 year old but I never felt her like that; I always felt she was my best friend, always joking, dancing, laughing. For me a Real Sannyasin. Everybody loved her in the Resort. While dancing at her Death Celebration I felt she was smiling at me, and kind of teasing me. I am gone and I am still here, dancing with you in my own Death Celebration. I felt she was here, in my heart, in all people’s heart who were dancing, singing and loving. I am so happy to have known her. Krishna Ma, I love you and when I say this I see you opening your arms and hugging me and with your sweet little toothless mouth giving me kisses….

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