Cloud Watching


A selection of instagrams by Sanjiva.

Words drifting in the blue sky
Polar bears floating in the air
Snow flakes storage
Rain drops hangout.

Clouds are friends with the wind
Together they are artists of the sky
Musicians when they clash
Sky Dancers.
But never poets
They know no words
They speak no discourse.

Mystics talk about them
The way of the white clouds
The search
The empty sky

A cumulus becoming a sofa
Do you see the angel
The dog
Or whatever your eyes can see when clouds are not enough!

Peaceful carpet
Apostrophe in a blue sentence.

I search
The meaning
The philosophy
Getting lost
Looking for a path
But they leave no trace.

Name the cloud
Name the sky
It is a fluffy joke
Can you laugh?

It was a silent night
No moon
When I looked down at the earth
The mountain and the rivers
I realised
I am a cloud.


SanjivaSanjiva began his musical journey at six, first studying flute, then piano and guitar. He became a sannyasin in 1982 and later moved to Pune where he lived for 10 years. He played music in darshans, meditations and therapy groups. He learned to play the Kyotaku, a long Shakuhachi used for meditation, and in 1989, at Osho’s request, he composed the music for ‘The Secret of the Golden Light’ meditation. Since 2002 he lives in retreat in his native Canada, focussing mainly on meditation and music.

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