Orgasm and the Enneagram


Playfully created by Ravi and Subhuti at the end of the first day of Subhuti’s Enneagram workshop in St. Petersburg.

Type One: The orgasm was okay, but I can do better. I’ll try harder next time.

Type Two: Let’s create a deep, intimate connection, then we can have a beautiful orgasm together.

Type Three: I’m gonna give you the best orgasm ever and you’re gonna be so impressed with me, baby!

Type Four: Orgasm is but a brief and fleeting joy in this ugly, messed up world.

Type Five: Yes, it was good with you, but please, no expectations about a relationship!

Type Six: You faked that orgasm, didn’t you? Come on, admit it!

Type Seven: Yay! Let’s do it again… with somebody new!

Type Eight: Bigger, stronger, deeper, longer, louder… more!

Type Nine: Er… yes, thanks, I’m fine. How was it for you?

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