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Little daily notes by Himani.

When Punya asked me to write something about The Resort, I found that I could only write about my little daily adventures. So here I continue with what I was already doing: sometimes I write little stories from my life and email them to friends. Here is how I had started my writing:


It is the second morning here in Pune and the first moment I can sit relaxed in ‘my space’ at Popular Heights after having taken a good breakfast at the Yogi Tree Restaurant.

My journey from Pai, Thailand, was stressful. At first I was very nervous about travelling into Bangkok because of the demonstrations, because I did not know which areas I had to avoid. But as it turned out, right then the demonstrators and the police joined forces and took the barricades down and celebrated the King’s 86th birthday.

The next point of nervousness was about my passport. It had been in Bangkok with the Indian Visa Service since October.… This too turned out OK.

In Delhi, when checking in with Air India for the flight to Pune, a young man asked me to pay overweight for my 18 kg suitcase! Allowance on this flight was only 15 kg. But after making a big fuss I did receive my boarding pass.

Air India has good seats, good food and service. Very OK.

Surya Villa Hotel is welcoming, like always. Food is very good at the Yogi Tree. Only a few guests are around at this time.

This is the story so far – soon I will enter the Resort – will it be another hindrance or a welcome?


It was a good and surprising experience to enter the Resort. The energy is beautiful, the Samadhi relaxing. I stayed until 4 pm, then on my way home I reflected on how many different energy worlds I had been moving through in just one day.

The entry fee is 1400 Rs (18 Euro) – that seemed terrible for me – but then I found out that this year they give a discount when one stays longer. So tomorrow I will get a pass for 30 days, at 25000 Rs. That comes to 800 per day (10 Euro). This price makes it easier for me to visit even for just two hours or so. I can even choose to enter via the main gate or the back gate. Last year, on days when I had a long Ayurvedic session outside, I did not enter at all. It was just too expensive.

Next challenge for me was to get my laptop connected to the internet. There is no longer WiFi in my restaurant. In the hotel one has to buy a ticket for 24 hours for 100 Rs. But what shall I do with 24 hours internet access? I usually need maximum one hour per day. An old acquaintance is going to give me his portable modem. I gave him 500 Rs in advance to charge it. Will see tomorrow. (Later I found out that this was not working, so now I take my laptop to the Resort each second day or so.)

And yes, tomorrow I will also get my pedicure, like I always do for my body as a welcome-back-home.

Now I continue with 11.12.13 – what a date!

In the afternoon I went to Mevlana Mandir just above the old burning ghats where Indian sannaysins prepared an Osho Birthday Celebration. I heard the music from my room, jumped up and ran over to join them.

His large picture hanging in the front, decorated with flower garlands.

Yes, I sang with them:

Sweet, sweet, sweet Osho
I love your love
I love you so
Happy birthday to you!

My mind likes to remind me that this is past – yes, I say, and my joy is now.

On one side there was a screen with Osho photos and a video of him at the Ranch, walking into Jesus Grove, dancing with his beloveds… and the musicians joined into the rhythm of his dance. And yes, I danced with him, being so full of joy. The pictures are from the past, yes, and my joy is now. The sweetness is mine.


After having finished my lunch I got my white socks from the locker and walked over to the Samadhi. I was early and chose to sit in front of the entrance door before so many others arrived – it was strong energy for me, it was a big heart beat, it was the silence of my aloneness.

After entering I like to stop in front of the big mirrors and look down into the abyss of emptiness. Then I choose a chair in the very back and turn it a little bit to face the Samadhi and not the centre of the room as it is set up. For me, meditation is not a happening in a circle. Today my mind was busy, busy.

13.12.13 – again an interesting date!

At 6 pm I start sorting out my white clothes and getting my rented Zen meditation chair ready. As I am not yet in the routine, I am doing this with care and an excited feeling. Then, after moving through the security check, I am waiting, looking up, watching the bats circling in the sky around the auditorium, and seeing their reflections in the water.

The discourse is from the Osho Upanishads, the series of talks given at Sumila Bungalow in Mumbai. Seeing the painting with bamboos behind him, I remember sitting there and my head even turns to the right, looking for the master to enter. But – Ooh! – this part is not shown in the video. This precious moment! Seeing his body move, feeling the opening of my inner doors.… My heart feels sorry.

To hear Osho talking is intense, as always, and I cannot recall what it was about. In the last phase of let-go I hear him remind us of our great responsibility to save this planet, this mankind, by spreading ourselves around the world and meditating. At least this is what I hear and what I do. OK.

After the Evening Meeting, which we used to call ‘Osho White Robe Brotherhood’, I take the first shuttle home. As we are only two passengers, it is obvious that everybody else stays on for the evening events. Today it is Friday with Celebrating Sannyas. Maybe next time? Again I remember: during so many years (actually during 11 years as a full-time worker and a few more years I spent there only for my inner process) I always went home after discourse, staying in this inner space. Those who were more into the evening programmes never saw me.


15.12.13 – in the Osho Crystal Garden in the Pyramid courtyard

Around midday when the sunrays jump over the roof of Mirdad House the big crystal shines with golden light inside. Immediately I am transported into the energy of the Mystery School: the best years of my life, when the rosebud inside of me was opening to its potential, the flower petals fully maturing, the fragrance spreading, then the colours changing, the petals slowly falling.… Still a few petals are left alongside the fruits of my gratitude, called ‘rose hips’.


Back to the Resort, after having had Ayurvedic liver cleansing, massages, shirodara, I find that there is a different energy: many people have arrived in the meantime. When I take a little walk to Meera, I move towards the laundry area and, just behind it, I meet and greet a tree that I had painted years ago. Now this tree is still here and the painting, which I called ‘Innocence’, is in Nepal, transmitting some energy from the Resort there.

Meera Restaurant has opened now. I take a seat on one of the freshly cleaned chairs; tables are in different combinations. The special table under the bamboos, where my friends and I used to sit, is now part of a bigger group table – yes, and my best friends are not coming this year. Sudden changes always trigger a feeling of insecurity, yes, my childhood trauma from WWII, yes, then.… OK. OK, I am also changing.

I am writing in the eating area of Meera, surrounded by the birds’ croaking. The music from the Dance Celebration in Buddha Grove calls me over to have a dance with the bamboos. They were there already when, in 1981, I sat there in Osho’s presence for the first time. I wonder how they remember that time, now that they have grown up. So huge they are!

Zorba the Buddha Restaurant had become quite crowded at lunch time; but now that Meera is open there is more space again. The view towards the pool has changed overnight: all the white chairs have disappeared. Now there are dark ones. Immediately I try one of them, when I sit down it feels quite comfortable, but I do not even start to think of lying down, of ‘hanging out’. Instead, I take a walk around Basho, greeting the two-in-one tree, watching a Zen-Tennis match (or was it Zennis?) and then – wow! – relaxing at the edge of the water, my eyes enjoy the subtle shimmering of soft water waves in the sunlight. A breeze of light.

I enjoy writing, it makes me zoom in to the moment and allows me to be more receptive, more integrated.

Some time later I return to the new chairs at the pool and want to find out if they allow me to sit comfortably. For my back? Yes, they give the body good support. And for the legs? Sitting cross-legged I create a little cushion for my knees by putting one shoe on each side between the knee and the armrest.

It is really good for my body structure to sit in this chair. With eyes half closed I can still perceive the subtle movements on the surface of the water. They are unpredictable, fresh every moment. My eyes relax into this beauty. My ears relax into the subtle sound of the water running down the overflow.

Just sitting
a smile arises
being home

HimaniHimani has a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of Hamburg and took sannyas in 1980. She became a Reiki Master in 1989 and developed Osho Neo-Reiki which she taught for a decade at the Multiversity in Pune. She is still teaching Reiki and enjoys painting, these days in Pai, Northern Thailand.

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