Divinity of Love

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Published in Sakhi Magazine (Hindi) February 2014

Sakhi LogoAn article about Pratiksha’s view on platonic love and its expression in her painting. It explains the love between Krishna and Meera who were born in different eras; her love is a divine love. Pratiksha’s painting also explains the same – on the one side is Krishna and on the other is Meera – both are connected with a flute, indicating their deep connection.

Divinity of Love

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Pratiksha TNPratiksha Apurv is Osho’s niece, daughter of Vijay Bharti. Born in Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh, she took sannyas at age 11 in Pune and also lived in Rajneeshpuram. At the peak of her career as a famous fashion designer (she launched her acclaimed label Oshonik in 1990) she suddenly felt a calling to paint, to give expression to her inner growth. She lives in New Delhi.  www.pratikshaart.com




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