Kaiyum found this chart and explains what it is showing and its implications.

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What this chart shows is just the top of an iceberg. A huge iceberg. What is happening is simply that the big get bigger. These giant conglomerations shuffle corporations around the way we used to play Monopoly as kids … only it’s not paper money but mind-boggling sums that in the end control what ‘the man in the street’ around the world gets to choose from.

And we’re talking not only about so-called food (since most of the products of these companies are a long way from nutritious and even further away from healthy) but clothing, personal care products, pet foods, the magazines we can choose from and the news and entertainment channels available … and in the end even the banking services we increasingly need to use.

All these are controlled by a decreasing number of organisations that function as enormous ‘pyramidal’ structures channelling profits to a very small number of families whose power, wealth and influence make them immune to the laws which govern the masses.

Is it good or bad? Just a question of how you look at it. Shakespeare put these famous words into Hamlet’s mouth:

… there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

And as Osho keeps on reminding us:

It all begins with awareness.”

Kaiyum, Osho News