The Evolution of Human Consciousness

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Devageet explains Osho’s Akashic Transmission

The human body is an ark, a Noah’s Ark, a survival vehicle for consciousness to extend, and occasionally transcend, its biological limits. Each body’s energy is balanced by its dual polarities, negative and positive, electrically speaking, male and female in terms of gender. Each body also contains archived information — coded in our cellular DNA and RNA — from the whole journey of its evolution.

Before awareness biology runs the show

The human body may be regarded as a life-device of millions of cells each permeated with biologically programmed consciousness without awareness. Cellular consciousness is pre-conscious, unaware of an overall wholeness; many cells each with their biological function and purpose, but unaware of any coherent unity.

Each tiny cell is encoded with specific preconscious information, which, when accessed by precision awareness, reveals a connection to a vast cosmic field of pre-conscious information: the Akashic Field.

As precision awareness accesses the body’s cellular Akashic information field it enables remote memories from along the evolutionary way to enter the screen of awareness. This is the basis of The Akashic Processes ©. *

Liberating Akashic memories, especially from the densely crystalline tissues of teeth – crystals can store information, a fact daily proven in every computer chip — enables the further expansion of awareness and stimulates prevailing consciousness to grow. It is a transformation process that speeds the evolution of consciousness. Akashic memories stimulate consciousness to expand beyond its previous boundaries.

Key from Un-consciousness to Consciousness

Awareness is the essential key that liberates ancient latent human potential and transforms it into actuality. The key of awareness opens the door of meditation; together they enable human consciousness to emerge from its cosmic, biological, and personal states of pre-consciousness. Precision awareness catalyzes long-dormant codes of transcendent pre-consciousness into here-now actuality.

Personal Preconscious
Personal Preconscious

The information is stored in human body tissues – teeth, bones, cells, and genes — as archival memories of the evolution of consciousness on its cosmic journey through space-time. The Akashic Processes allow an individual to experience the eternal reality that we are cosmic beings having a human experience, an experience that is inherent to humanity from before the beginning of any beginning.

Precision awareness and preconsciousness

Osho refers to the ancient identification of the physical body as human biological bondage, a primary barrier obstructing meditation on its journey from sex to super-consciousness.
Precision awareness sequentially penetrates through personal memories, womb-life memories, human past lives of various races and genders, reaching the frontier where the personal preconscious mind emerged from the biological collective preconscious mind, when animal consciousness evolved into being human.

This is the first part of the Akashic journey.

Evolution and consciousness

Awareness becomes a catalyst for consciousness, revealing somatic memories from before humans were human, by going back through the evolutionary door of human experience into the vaster realm of the biological collective pre-conscious mind which contains memories when pre-consciousness was developing through biological forms – from the great apes, monkeys and chimpanzees, elephants, jungle creatures, birds, whales and dolphins, snakes, lizards and amphibians, reaching far back into the primordial world of bacteria, viruses and slime moulds to the further frontier when pre-consciousness expanded from inorganic substances and structures into organic biological forms.

Collectice Biological Preconscious
Collectice Biological Preconscious

The later Akashic Processes retrieve archival evolutionary memories from before biology began. Evolution is bigger than Darwin imagined; it did not begin with biology, even the stars have been shown to be evolving.

Archive: Gaia lives!

The human cellular archive reveals memories of pre-conscious embodiment in terrestrial geological, ecological inorganic forms – rivers, mountains, lakes, meadows, glaciers and deserts, volcanoes, caves, rocks, clouds and raindrops – the world of Gaia.

Remembering our ancient past reveals that Gaia lives, is conscious; how on earth could it not be? It is the womb of nature, of life on this beautiful planet Earth.

Celestial Sourcing

Awareness reveals the roots of pre-consciousness embodied in the planets, satellites, comets, space-dust and asteroids of the Solar System, and beyond; Evolution goes on. The solar system was birthed in the Milky Way star-field. These are the stellar realms of human pre-consciousness: the celestial music of the stars sings in our cells, heard with Akashic ears. Beyond the stars, awareness reveals dimensional states beyond explanation, yet they are experienced with the same clarity.

Universal Akashic Existential Preconscious
Universal Akashic Existential Preconscious

Rooted in the Earth our molecules, minerals and elements connect us to roots beyond the Earth, Solar, Stellar, Galactic, Cosmic, into the infinitude of Akashic-Universal-Existential-Field Consciousness.

By accessing memories from within the body-mind, the Akashic evolutionary journey takes awareness back to a sourceless source where pre-consciousness emerged into cosmic reality. Awareness unpeels pre-conscious memories to reveal their intrinsic nature, a wondrous coherence of consciousness, pristine and eternal.

Meditation and awareness ignite the fuse of consciousness

The encoded memories from the human body are progressively revealed as the Akashic Processes and meditation systematically and carefully enable awareness to extend beyond the limitations of the ego-mind. Such is the miracle of awareness and meditation.

Within the human body pre-consciousness carries the potential for its cosmic return. It is the return of the prodigal, a homecoming written in the stars and copied into our cells. This is the essence of Osho’s Akashic Transmission.

An Akashic Feedback loop

Being itself may be described as the awareness-potential of Existence, manifesting through Cosmic Reality, guided and informed by Universal-Akashic-Existential-Field Consciousness. Its creative exuberance and abundance has no humanly discoverable limits.

Intrinsic in the essential nature of Being is the ‘whim’, the ‘urge for the latency of eternal pre-consciousness to know itself’.

Evolution is its way of self-discovery. It enters into form to ‘in-form’ itself. Each and every form appears to gather information that further ‘in-forms’ Existence. It is a vast feedback loop.

‘In-formation’ gathers by experiencing; experience ‘in-forms’ pre-consciousness that expands under the influence of Akashic Field information until it becomes aware of its Self.

Self-reflective awareness is a pivotal juncture where pre-consciousness begins its return journey to bring awareness back to its fountainhead of emergence — the Universal-Existential-Akashic Field.

Self-reflection opens the door

The conscious homeward journey of the microcosm back to its macrocosmic source starts with self-reflection. The homing-principle of conscious evolution becomes awakened, ignited into deepening consciousness as awareness and meditation arise from the ashes of their pre-conscious past. The golden bird of consciousness flies home beyond the stars, and awareness is the wind beneath its wings.

Osho speaks on the Akashic Records

“This is of great significance for meditators because the roots of all human conditionings are there; physical, emotional, mental and other deeper conditionings. The ancientmost biological male and female conditionings are found in the teeth. The oldest relationship conditionings can be found there.

This discovery about teeth can be of immense help to every meditator because the teeth can be used to bring consciousness and awareness to the oldest human conditionings. It is these ancient conditionings, our deepest unconscious, that are the invisible barriers to meditation. It is our biological bondage.

Devageet, you will find a way for the teeth to release their memories, to open the door for human beings to go beyond their biological bondage. Meditation can only reach the depths where authentic transformation happens when it breaks through the biological bondage.

And meditation is the only way to the ultimate transformation for a human being. The memories are locked in the deep layers of the collective unconscious mind, and the teeth can be used as the key. With awareness the true seeker can bring all the unconscious memories in the teeth to consciousness. This will be a tremendous breakthrough in their meditation. This will enable people to go deep enough in their meditation for the real transformation to happen.”

“Memories are stored in the DNA of each cell. Each human body contains memories. It remembers our evolutionary history back to the beginning of time, long before there were human beings. Devageet, it seems that each person’s teeth are their individual link, their evolutionary link to existence itself; the teeth hold memories connecting each person to the human collective unconscious mind. The teeth of each person contain a complete record of all their memories back to the time when he was a monkey, maybe before. The teeth are a personal akashic record of everything that has happened to an individual during their whole evolution.”

Devageet, Osho: The First Buddha in the dental Chair, Ch 16: The Akashic Transmission **


*) The Akashic Processes© comprise a series of seven sequential processes to access an individual’s Akashic, body-held evolutionary memories in order to deepen awareness and expand consciousness for meditation to reach the depths where authentic transformation occurs.

**) Osho, The First Buddha in the Dental Chair by Devageet –

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DevageetA former English dental surgeon, Devageet took sannyas in 1976. In 1978 he was invited to be Osho’s personal dentist and lived altogether 21 years in Osho’s communes. He developed ‘Oshodontics’, a groundbreaking therapeutic approach to self-healing and the self-transformation of individual consciousness by accessing body-held memories from physical organs and the teeth and jaws. He lives in England and conducts teaching seminars world-wide.

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