Dhyan Grazia


…left her body on 11th May 2014.

Dhyan Grazia 2
Dhyan Grazia with friend

Dhyan Grazia died in Milan, Italy, after many months of receiving treatments for cancer. She came to Osho Miasto in 1994 for the first time, after attending a conference for her work in Siena. She did the Dynamic Meditation and at first she thought the other participants were crazy, but she kept doing it anyway and afterwards felt enormous gratitude. She continued to come to Miasto every summer to participate in groups and meditations, and took sannyas on 16th May 1998. She felt showered with light and energy during the celebration.

She worked with the Italian Trade Unions with emphasis on women and women’s rights. She was a consultant for the Italian Commission for Equal Rights for men and women for Lombardy. Dhyan Grazia directed a TV film ‘Milano Centrale’ about Milan’s largest train station. She showed women as engineers and in other jobs traditionally done by men. This was one of the results of her work to promote women’s rights. She had great courage in whatever she did.

Grazia also had great passion for meditation and for Osho. She continued to meditate even when she was weak from cancer and chemotherapy and she brought her family to Miasto to listen to Osho’s discourses, although they were initially prejudiced against Osho. But now even members of her family come and participate.

One of Grazia’s greatest strengths is that she made it easy for us to love her. During her last month she was very peaceful; she had no regrets and felt tremendous gratitude for the life she had lived. And in the last session she took her question was, “How to let go without resistance?” After that she felt it was OK for her to live and OK for her to die.


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Beloved Grazia, thank you for gracing our lives with your loving presence for many, many years. For this I will always be grateful. Wishing you a wonderful voyage. I love you,

If you become acquainted with death through love and meditation, by and by you will see that life and death are two aspects of the same coin. Then you are not worried. Then you don’t choose. Then you live a life of choiceless awareness. Then all is the same. If you choose life you have chosen death. If you avoid death you will avoid life – so there is no point in choosing, and there is no point in avoiding.”
Osho, The Beloved, Vol 1, Ch 7


Ciao Grazia,
Buon volo….
Grazie del tuo sorriso, della tua ironica intelligenza, del tuo cuore compassionevole
By Grazia,
Have a great flight…
Thank for your smile, for your ironic intelligence, for your compassionate heart.

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