Voyages — 20 May 2014

…left his body on 17th May 2014.

Prakash (Constantinos Tellalis) was a musician and inspiring music teacher (“…anyone who can make Grade 5 Music Theory fun is a magician with an exceptional gift.”). He studied in the States, took sannyas in the 70’s and was recently living in Cyprus.

Prakash was nursed and cared for by his gracious companion Ista who helped smooth his journey. He had been fighting lung cancer for some time.

Prakash with hat
with cold coffee
Prakash in front of pyramid 2
Prakash playing guitar 5
Prakash at the mixing desk
American International school
Prakash playing guitar 3
Prakash playing guitar 7
Prakash teaching at American International school
Arrowbear music camp California
Prakash with Krishna Sadhana
Prakash California 1983
Prakash as a boy 2


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Dear Prakash, you brought so much fun and love and light and support to the music department in Pune every time you visited. I’ll never forget the Beatles night we did with you playing bass, the care you took editing the live music, your wonderful parties and you, eyes closed, playing your guitar and taking us all with you.