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Khushwant Singh (2 February 1915 – 20 March 2014) was one of the paramount Indian writers and journalists of all times, says Kul Bhushan.

Khushwant Singh
Photo: New Indian Express

An Indo-Anglian writer, Kushwant Singh was famous for his trenchant secularism, his humor, and an abiding love of poetry. His comparisons of social and behavioral characteristics of Westerners and Indians are laced with acid wit. He served as the editor of several literary and news magazines, as well as two newspapers, through the 1970s and 1980s. He was one of the premium historians and novelists, an up-front political commentator, and columnist. Among a flurry of awards, he was also the recipient of Padma Vibhushan, the second-highest civilian award in India.

Kul Bhushan, in his article published in Osho World Newsletter in April 2014, declared him Zorba the Singh.

He said, Khushwant lived, loved and laughed. Just like Osho advised everyone. Khushwant was a journalist, author, naturalist, humourist and above all, a vibrant and an endearing man. He made no bones about his love of whisky and beautiful women. His crowning achievement was his simple, direct style of writing speaking straight to the heart in very human terms. This is the secret of his popularity in his columns which he wrote right up to his last days and his novels and books which are bestsellers and will remain so.

Despite his clear and strong belief that he did not believe in God, he4 had a deep fascination for Osho whom he clearly admired as is amply proved by his writing and numerous tributes to the enlightened master.

In Khushwant Singh, we have lost a true Zorba!

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Kul Bhushan

Anand Kul Bhushan is a writer, journalist, UN media consultant and workshop/meditation leader.

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