…left her body on 2nd June 2014.

Pritamo was born in Germany and was trained to become a teacher, a profession she had for many years. In the late seventies she came to Pune and took sannyas from Osho. Since then she lived her life entirely and unwaveringly in Osho’s energy.

Friends would see her in Goa in winter. For many years she lived in a big house with a loft which she rented out to friends. When this house became no longer available Maria, who lives next to D’Mellos, built a small house for her where she stayed this last season.

In summer she would move to the German Osho centre and community Parimal (Gut Hübenthal). There she had a little shop where she sold goods she bought in India.

She was known as a passionate woman. She loved to be surrounded by people and was known by all who came close to her as a loving and caring person. It was good company to be with her. She was also very close to nature that showed in the subjects of her paintings, and to animals. She had a dog in Goa who was a great companion to her and she was very distressed when he got ill and died last year.

Pritamo had been sick for a while but never lost her courage to travel and never lost her humour and grace despite the illness.

She died in Parimal, surrounded by her friends.

Text, and most photos in the slideshow, thanks to Shivananda

Pritamo with painting
Pritamo in countryside
Pritamo bw
Pritamo with pony


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Beloved Pritamo, some years ago I asked you how you would feel if you had to die, and you said to me: “Any moment! I have got everything from life. Even more than I asked for!” With love,

Hey Pritamo, I connected with you many times in Pune, and your bubbly energy and humour really touched me very deeply. I did not know you were ill, and hence, leaving us so soon. I am so grateful for our connection and will always remember your smiling face and energy. You will be missed. Love,

Ich habe nun schon so viele Tage und Nächte an dich gedacht. Ich bin wirklich sehr traurig darüber, dass wir einen so wunderbaren Menschen wie dich “hier” auf Erden verloren haben. Vielen Dank dass ich dich kennenlernen durfte. Du bist ‘was ganz besonderes. Fliege hoch und weit meine liebe Pritamo,
eine Freundin

Liebe Pritamo, danke für deine Freundschaft in den späten 80iger Jahren in Poona. Dort haben wir beide den Dalai Lama getroffen und er sagte zu dir: “You have the most beautiful master in der world.” Diese Begegung werde ich nie vergessen. Farewell and Love,
Ma Madya, Hamburg

Thank you Pritamo for the moments we met at the ocean in Goa and thank you for introducing me to Byron Katies ‘The Work’ in the shade of the bamboos in the Master’s Garden. We giggled and we shared the silence and our love for live, nature, beautiful dresses, flowers in the hair and the animals. It’s been a while since I saw you, not knowing that your body was ill. But not so long ago I suddenly thought of you and asked myself, ‘How is she?’And a few days later I heard that you went on your journey. I will always remember you as beautiful, with a huge heart and with quite a witty witchy touch as well. Goodbye, Flower Woman, fly high with all blessings and love.

Sweet crazy Pritamo, now you left for the beyond and I did not have the chance to cuddle you for the last good bye! It was 1983, when we met for the first time. Munich. I felt lost and excited, just having started my spiritual journey, meeting our master… and you embraced me with an almost motherly love and were a matchmaker then, too… We shared so much laughter during many many years… and even as we lost sight of each other and met again, it was as if no time had passed at all! I adored your total love for life, people, nature, your colourful outreagousness sometimes, your stories… So sorry that I got lost in the hustle and bustle of life in other places and did not come to know how ailing your body was… I am grateful that Parimal was there for you. I will never forget you, sister-ji! May love shower!
Atmo Anasha

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