Your Key Words: Love and Laughter


Come here! Close your eyes.

First go into the belly and feel that a great laughter is arising from the belly. When it comes, go into it, but let it be a belly thing. I would like your belly to laugh. Just go there and if it starts coming up and you start laughing, don’t stop it. Go into it, but go whole-heartedly, so that you become the laughter, not that you are laughing. Lose control and just let the belly start moving and vibrating.

Osho smiling

Prem means love, hasya means laughter, and those two words are to become your key words: love and laughter.

Laugh as much as you can; don’t miss a single opportunity. Any excuse will do… even no excuse will do! And make it a point that every night before you go to sleep, for at least two, three minutes let there be a belly laughter and then go to sleep. And in the morning the first thing – the moment you feel the sleep is no more there; you are waking – start laughing for two, three minutes in the bed. You will see the quality of your energy changing within three weeks. You will become immensely happy.

You have a great capacity to be loving, to be laughing, but you have not used it yet. The potential is there untouched. Once you start digging into it you will be surprised how much joy you are carrying within yourself; you are pregnant with it!

Osho, Only Losers can Win in this Game, Ch 20

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